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I'll waiting for the release... damn, this is so cool!

I've killed all! yeah! xD

Hey sister, leave that cart alone 🌚🌝

I liked very much the simple idea and animations! Needs only a progressively difficult level and some other words. Great!

Hi, nice game! what have you used to do this game??

wow, i really enojoied the game! 

nice idea, this is a good game to play with friends from a tablet

my finger! my finger!!!!!!! xD i liked too much that i lost one of my fingers!

Cool game! i liked the possible multiplayer!

nice puzzle game!

really nice game!!!!! i had the special ending!!!! nice one really! really appreciate this game!

What i liked is the option menu where i can choose some settings especially the difficulty, i liked the game itself, what about another game with microstudio like this? nice one!

Nice game, try to make enemy moves a little slower. It's a little difficult from the start. What about the ability to choose other member of the team? a switch

Interesting game, I hope a second game with better details on it

I was thinking i rated already this game, but fortunately i landed here to play it again. This is what i ithink is the best game

I liked the game, what i don't understand is the "switching player"

scriptwelder? O_O

Nice old school touch to the game i like it!

nice work! sometimes i falling down with a glitch on collisions, but great work on microstudio!

Where is the doooog fish!!!???? nice game!!! :D i like it!

Nice experience! i like the game! really!! great work!

Thank you ! :D

This game is really well done and what I really appreciate is that the audio is recorded with the creator's voice, making the game enjoyable and fun. 

Very nice to have cards with bonuses available. sincere congratulations!

thank you very much for you review, this is my first attempt to make a game, I would to make it better, I had not much time ... :(

Nice one, waiting for more prorgess!

simply great game!

Thank you, I hope to make something like your games. When I do something I hope for a your feedback 

actually I've already experience on web development , I have to choice between different tools like: 

1. Defold (you inspiring me)

2. Haxe with haxeflixel or heaps (a code approach)

3. Cocos creator (has typescript with 2d and 3d possibilities)

4. Godot for the community

Do you have a some suggestions to give to me about to make a good choice? I start to study how to make games about 3 months ago. I tried already to make something simple with microstudio and haxe, I know the basics on how to organize a project. I like to code, but I don't want to make a mistake because I like to code but I have not much time.

How much time di you invest to make the game?

why are you using Defold as Engine? What pro can you give to you? genuine question, i hope to do something at your level, great games, from italy 

what engine did you used? Love the style!

i played the game, very very impressive! WHen a new chapter? I like very much your defold games!