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Finally found a chance to play this for myself! I had way less issues with the controls than Indrah did and found myself having a great time. I do agree that, control wise, a way to duck would be nice, but I didn't find the range of the ice attack to be a problem. I also agree with her assessment on the camera pan not always being friendly to the player. (found myself saying 'come on, camera! move!' a couple of times.

I enjoy the dynamic between the two characters. I also enjoyed a lot of the platforming sections that involved bouncing. Once wind form was introduced, the potential for even more tricky 'puzzles' opened up.

But after unlocking wind form I hit a road block. So, sometime before wind form, I realized I had stopped taking damage from anything. Walk into enemies, stand in front of their projectiles, walk on spikes - I could do it all. I wish I knew better when this started (maybe it was when I got hit by an enemy projectile during the 2nd cutscene where you unlock the shield? What I know that did for fact is make the MC princess jump every time I pressed 'z' to advance the dialogue. But I didn't notice if I was invincible after that or not.)

When passing through this area I didn't quite zoom right, hit the spikes and dashed into the wall:

Fine and dandy, I'll press 'P' and suicide to freedom------ wait she's not dying. P P P P P P!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, she's invincible. Wait-

I tried everything to get out of that wall and couldn't u.u Which is a shame because I was having a good time lol

All in all, I'm happy I gave this a play through on my own! It's fun, the characters are charming, the art is cute (though Princess' legs on her sprite are a bit jarring style wise compared to the rest of her), the little voiced sound effects are funny and never get too annoying, and the platforming puzzles are not too difficult but still rewarding. Wonderful work!

Side note - my friend who watched me play suggests not using a full screen flash between transforming as it can be very hard on people with eyes sensitive to lights flickering.

Congrats on submitting your game! Best of luck.

Thank you for the playthrough and comments! It is so unfortunate that the invincibility glitch happened. Multiple people have had it happen to them even though it never happened to me in all my testing. The disadvantage of not having someone else to playtest with XD

I hope I am able to fix those and expand the game further.

If you haven't yet, I would certainly try - jumping over the enemy just outside of the room with the bubble shield cutscene, letting it launch a projectile, advancing into the cutscene so the projectile hits you during the cutscene. It's the only thing that happened to me that felt outside of a normal, expected sort of play run. (though I know that projectile in particular did hurt me. So idk xD) Nothing else felt unnatural though.