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Nice! you're so awesome. I added a joystick control


sounds good, I decided to upload version 3.5 that added controller support.

Hello Again!

What does this on your code?

if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_anykey) {
if controlset = 5 {
global.button = keyboard_lastkey
keyboard_string = 0

I do not understand it!

Is it important?

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it's the control changing feature.

If you press anykey when the controlset value is higher than 0, it will bind the control variables (global.leftkey, rightkey, upkey, downkey, and botton.) to the lastest key you have pressed.

Keyboard_string need to be reseted after binding it, so it won't overlap when changing other keys.

If you pressed shift for button in the control changing mode, you can start the game or fire laser by pressing shift.

oh thanks!