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Yvodlyn Paul

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great assets pack

Yes you can

sorry no

Im using game maker studio

oh wooooowww!!!

You are awesome

Which software do you use

Hello, the engine is very good.

I would like to know if  the engine has a 2 player local setting?

If not, will it be easy to implement one?

Think you very much!

Have a nice day!

Thank you for your feedbacks. I will make some updates in the futur. The game will be on mobile soon.

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thanks a lot!
Your background asset is awesome!

This is a prototype

love that

Do you sell the code source?

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Thx for the fast reply!

It Will be nice to make other stuff like that!

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Hello I purchased the asset but I don't see backgrounds! Are backgrounds includ in the asset pack? Thx for the reply!

I'm really wonder about your great work.
You really save my life. 

Thx agin!!!

Awesome, hope to see more .

The demo is made in which engine? Unity or Game Maker Studio?


BTW awesome pack I'm gonna buy the enemy characters pack

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What is the color palette?

Thanks for the art. I bought it! The pack is awesome.

Did bosses and enemies will be in an other asset pack?


Is that means there will be a second pkg?

Only 2,50$??? I'm gonna buy it now!


cute bunny

Thx for the sprites, they fit with my tileset.

I buy the pack and it is hard to know what is what?
We cant know which one is idle, walk,jump,etc, animation.

otherwise,good sprites sheets

could we use it on game maker studio?

I would like to see more, like boss and more enemies, but it's okay for now, I will buy allcharacter

will this packs have tilesets and backgrounds?

Cauz, love the art style

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I use it to generate levels for my game.

great work by the way

the only thing I see is : level deign generator

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Will they be added? Otherwise, it's a great asset pack. I'm using them for a mini platformer game.

Are the fireball/cannon/slime sprites supposed to be included?

I send a request

mine is: deadpool200000#6143

glad you love them

Leave comments!

Do you accept credit?

I only need the code.! And think for the reply!


I use game maker studio 1.4

I don't like gms 2 for now, but soon I will buy it!

For now I only use gms 1.4!

an AI that can follow player
The way I see the video, look nice for me!