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Yeah, looks like they are having the same problem. Even the part about windows update not updating. Looked like most of them just got a refund, and never solved it. My updates are 1 for "silverlight", 1 for MSE (which is just an ad for Windows 10), 2 for my sound card, and 1 for displaying multiple windows. The last one is only one that has anything remotely involved with the situation. I'll try downloading it and installing it manually. Thanks for your reponse.

Ok, their is no updating Windows it just does the same thing as the regular update program. When I try to install it just endlessly "searches" for updates, which what I was supposed to have downloaded with the file I ran. So their is no updating.


What version of windows are you running? If windows update is causing issues, its may still be possible to download an available service pack with the required updates and manually install them.

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That's a big part of the problem, I did download the update and manually install it. That is the picture I posted of the manual install, just spinning it's wheels forever "searching for updates on this computer". What? I thought that was the update. What it does is put some zipped files on my C drive. I guess those are the ones it's looking for. How stupid is that, puts files on my computer then can't find them. At this point my computer is not able to update period. End of story. The game will never work, the computer will never update. That's just the way it is. I googled it and this is a known problem. The "Fix" makes your computer unable to boot. So my choice is, 1) Keep the status quo and never update, or 2) turn my computer into a brick. Which one do think I will pick.