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The game is nice. I liked the camera shake when the enemy dies. Art is just okay.

I didn't like how the enemies just fly over to you but the gifts that you throw hit the walls. That's unfair!

Apart from that, I couldn't play the again after losing. So, I have to restart the game which is not much of a problem.

You have to hold space to restart the game. Did you finish the level? if yes, what grade did you got?

Yes, abviously the art is dry but i didnt spent much time on it any way.

Yeah, it is kinda annoying that the bullets hit the walls and the enemies can go throught but i kinda wanted to have it as a main challenge. The main thing I was going for was the game mechanic that the health=ammo=stamina (although the stamina doesnt really has an importan use).

I tried it 6 times but couldn't complete the level.

Now, I see why no gifts mean game over. That's neat.