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Fantastic game. Roughly 5 minute sessions. Two difficulties (the harder one beats me roughly one third of the time, which is perfect).  3 AI 'players' with different tactics, and a wildcard selection that chooses one at random but doesn't tell you which (emergent play).

The 'juice' and interface are exemplary. Tokens are just large enough to be selected with confidence that, on a phone, the one you pick is the one you were intending to pick. Attacks/Actions have distinct audio and iconography. The pacing of the actions is long enough to make it very clear what just happened, but never lingers to the 'get on with it's point. Pieces look distinct, even pallet swapped tokens for similar pieces on the opposing team. If you are going to win in the next turn, the AI skips it's action to save you a half second instead of dragging things out. If a piece isn't available to act with, it's icon closes it's eyes so you can tell at a glance.

The game itself is excellent. There's no Nash Equilibrium regarding what course of action to pursue. It's equally viable to shift the board around until the opponent has no decent plays left and win via positioning, or to assassinate the opposing King piece via archers, or to turtle your medic in such a way as to ensure you recover slightly more damage each round than the opponent can deal, or to positionally control their multiattack pieces while using your own to whittle them down, or to force them to skip action phases enough to force a forfeit, or or or or or. Each strategy has a counter, and to win it is necessary to constantly read the board and adapt your strategy. It's engaging, is what I'm trying to get across.

It's a free five minute game that's easily worth twenty bucks. 

I have barely dipped my toes into the online multiplayer. The hotseat Android version does let you chose between passing your phone back and forth or laying it down and playing facing each other (it flips the opposing pieces to make them more legible to someone looking at the phone 'upside down '). Little quality of life features like that are awesome.

Improvements? Maybe let the player chose to go first or second in single player. A Grandmaster AI that swapped between the other AI strategies depending on how the board looked would be neat. Daily challenges (game starts halfway through, player gets one shot). A quick start button that picked hard chaotic (unknown AI) with randomly chosen initial board setup and the player randomly going first or second. Being able to review previous online matches move by move would be educational. These are all nitpicking, the game is very much complete and entertaining the way it is.


Hey, I just saw this review, thank you so much for your kind words, it made my day!