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This is one of my favourite games, the combination of the comedic western music and sprite graphics had me laughing and smiling playing this game. I didn't stop until I beat all 3 enemies - I just wish there were more to battle. Aiming with my trackpad was on the tricky side but it didn't have a large impact on the overall experience.

The AI was pretty good - it took me a few tries to get the hang of their strategies but once I figured them out, the game became slightly easy.

Overall an amazing job!

Check out my game if you get a chance!

Sorry to aswer you soo late, my computer just broke 2 days ago, lul. We're really happy to see that you enjoy the western music and graphics style haha xD I can see how difficult was to play this game if the trackpad, I'LL TRY IT TO!

Thank you for the comment <3 For sure i'll check your game!