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While I agree that it probably shouldn't be required by game developers to be so fine-detailed descriptive of specific subcategories of sex, it may still be useful to allow these tags to exist as community-submitted contributions to the game page that are viewable (and rateable) by other users.

You seem a bit overly-defensive for what was a discussion of content rating descriptions and terminology.  Immediately accusing others of being 'phobic' because they do not desire to be exposed to certain content in their entertainment is both narrow-minded and short-sighted of you.  Every person, regardless of who they are, can choose to exclude themselves from being exposed to certain content.

If I watch porn involving people of specific ethnicities (or excluding them) then that is displaying a preference that I am entitled to do so as a consumer of such content.  I never feel that game devs (or anyone) should arm-twist people into being exposed to content they do not desire to be exposed to.  Caveat venditor and all that.  Kindly keep the penises to yourself :P

In a recent AAA game (Assassin's Creed Odyssey), one of the (gay) male characters makes obvious unwanted sexual advances towards my main male character multiple times to the point where it might constitute sexual harassment.  That is NOT ok.  I don't give a damn if they are gay.  Unwanted is unwanted.

TLDR:  No means NO regardless of the genders involved.  Get over it.

No, a community submitted ranking or tag only ends up in a mess. It happen in Steam, Gamejolt and Metacredit. They all have reviews that do not reflect on the game but on what they believe.