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Hey Xform,

I would like you guys to update some of the old features to Burnin Rubber 4.

The following features used to be in the very first and original version of Burnin Rubber 4:

1. Realistic Explosions - In the very first version of Burnin Rubber 4, the explosions were realistic. Meaning that when an explosion happened near a "physical" object (your own car and opponent's cars included), that object or car was "pushed" away, or at least physically impacted from the explosion. Also, the color of the explosions was also more orange-ish. But after the GOTY edition, the explosions were like they are now. I would like it if you guys put an option before we start the game saying "realistic explosions", which enabled all of the mentioned things. Also, when red barrels or gas tanks explode, their structure gets destroyed. In the original version, their structure remained the same. I would like it if you brought back this minor feature.

2. Car Leaning - In the original version of the game, the car leaned the way you turned. So, if you turned left, the car also leaned left. But after the GOTY edition, it was inverted. I would like it if you put an option before starting the game saying "invert car lean".

3. Bullets - After the GOTY edition, the bullets because a little more "realistic". But I really enjoyed it the way they were in the original version. Maybe add an option before starting the game saying "realistic bullets".

4. Remote Triggers - I believe before the GOTY version, when a remote trigger was activated during races, the HUD would disappear like it was a cutscene. Please bring back this feature.

5. Light in Dark Areas - In the original version, when your car entered a dark area, the lights would automatically turn on. This made it quite realistic and was good attention to detail. Please bring this feature back to if possible.

Those are the main things I want back that were originally in the very first version of Burnin Rubber 4. Also, instead of adding an option for each of them, you guys could instead add an option before starting the game saying "Change to Original Version" in which most of the mechanics that were in the original version (including the ones I have mentioned since they were part of it), plus any additional ones needed are brought back into the game.

I really look forward for this update, and would really appreciate it if it happened sometime. Thank You

1. idk if this is really needed

2. same thing here

3. same thing here again

4. this would be actually cool, i agree

5. cool

i am suspicious if this game is gonna get any updates soon to be honest

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Hey, thx for your opinion on the ideas.

I only want realistic explosions cuz it makes the races more fun. Cuz right now, (especially when u have unlimited armor) you can just plough through caltrops and shrug it off like they weren't even there. Whereas with realistic explosions, when u drive over them, u will at least slow down, or even flip over, which will make it easier for the opponents to get past you. Also, the realistic explosions and there more orange-ish color is just quite nostalgic for me and that's why I really want it. I hope u understand :)

Also, ur probably right cuz it's unlikely that Xform will update the game again cuz they're working on Burnin Rubber 6 probably.

They're not working on Burnin' Rubber 6. They need a budget first, or just simply explained they need investors who want to help to create the game

Currently, they are developing Police Pursuit.

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But do u agree with the realistic explosions thing?

btw cant wait for police pursuit >:)

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Hi Kraken456,

That is a pretty cool list you have written down there :) Thanks for your time and input.
Funnily enough most of your points ring a bell - but I can't recall why we did some of those changes.
BR4 always has been a very performance intensive game and my guess would be that we skipped or simplified much when going to GOTY edition. One of the most important things we needed to do was to scale down the filesize and loading times and get some more performance out of it.

While we tried to get some of the original content and functionality back for the standalone version it took me a lot (LOT) of time, especially getting all the original lighting stuff back in there. There were also some major issues that hadn't been properly addressed back then which took priority.

When doing the standalone version I did notice the lights turning  on/off automatically but it didn't dare expanding (or reverting) on it since it was changed to a button for the GOTY edition and with the additional lighting settings I just couldn't find a proper way to implement both properly (auto and button) on a short notice.

I don't really understand 3? What was different with the bullets?


Hey Xform,

Thx soooo much for replying.

About # 3, or the "bullets", what I mean is that after the GOTY update, it would indicate where a bullet came in contact with an object, with a little "animation". Try shooting bullets yourselves and you'll see what I'm trying to say. Because before the GOTY update, the bullets didn't really indicate where they came in contact with an object, just like it's in Burnin Rubber 3. And I only want this feature because it's quite nostalgic, but not mandatory. In fact, non of my suggestions are mandatory. I just really want them to be added because I liked them.

So yes, I understand that you guys have many other things that require more priority, and it does take a lot of time and effort to add features into the games, and I know you guys can't promise anything, but will you guys add my suggestion to Burnin Rubber 4 someday because I really want them :) But by all means take your time.