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1. idk if this is really needed

2. same thing here

3. same thing here again

4. this would be actually cool, i agree

5. cool

i am suspicious if this game is gonna get any updates soon to be honest

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Hey, thx for your opinion on the ideas.

I only want realistic explosions cuz it makes the races more fun. Cuz right now, (especially when u have unlimited armor) you can just plough through caltrops and shrug it off like they weren't even there. Whereas with realistic explosions, when u drive over them, u will at least slow down, or even flip over, which will make it easier for the opponents to get past you. Also, the realistic explosions and there more orange-ish color is just quite nostalgic for me and that's why I really want it. I hope u understand :)

Also, ur probably right cuz it's unlikely that Xform will update the game again cuz they're working on Burnin Rubber 6 probably.

They're not working on Burnin' Rubber 6. They need a budget first, or just simply explained they need investors who want to help to create the game

Currently, they are developing Police Pursuit.

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But do u agree with the realistic explosions thing?

btw cant wait for police pursuit >:)

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