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I love this game so much! The Atmospheric music and feel is truly amazing. Melancholic music and birds with the talking of villagers. The general idea and the way you ran with the theme of "sacrifices must be made" is so clever. And the morality in the mechanics makes you sad as you have to pick the friends to sacrifice. Its amazing how games can make you sad, scared, accomplished, and much more. My first playthrough of this game, I sacrificed a lot of characters, and then at the end when I saw that you can make them escape into the stratosphere, I had to play it again to find out how you do this. And of course the artwork is wonderful. Its amazing what some people can make in a couple of days.


wow......I just played it again and saved everyone. Amazing multiple endings.


I'm so happy you noticed that! You're the first person to bring it up. Thanks for playing!!