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I could do this for hours. Amazingly charming and really creative. Even the small details seem  like an hour was put into making them. Great job!

Amazing game! I absolutely love the artstyle, and the gameplay is terrific! Really good job.


haha. Fun little game! I would suggest having a crosshair  for your aiming thing. (: gj

I remember this! Good job!

Scale small. 

kudos (:

really fun update! Really like the new map. Couple suggestions. There is a glitch where when you  kill someone there body stays out and  basically is a rigid body in space that you can mess with and make it fly into space. You can also kill the body, which doesn't delete it so u get infinite kills and weapon switches. It would also be kind of nice to be able to roll explosive barrels and make them do damage, so you feel like a boss when you roll one at an opponent and shoot it. Last thing is that the jump is a bit small and annoying. Great game!

love the game! I couldn't beat lvl 15 tho lol. The difficulty curve is really nice a balanced  (:

already did (:

"this file is damaged and should be moved to the trash" ): can u upload a .blend file?


you can climb the walls and get out of the map if you didn't know. That might be a thing to change. Changed my name plz dont get confused. This is my name on all other accounts so I changed it.

nice game! Very mechanically sound even though the graphics obvs aren't the best yet. Got in a game with bomb_lobber and you (:. it would be nice to be able to chat in game, maybe by pressing c and then the message or something. I must say I wasn't expecting an online version of stormbringer due to the networking stuff you'd have to do. Nice  job!

The updates added a lot of depth to the game since the last time i've played! Sorry i haven't been able to give you feedback recently i have been very busy. Here is some now though to make up for it:     1.  I'm not sure if this is me being an idiot or something but i can't seem to figure out how to beat the island map.  2. Tbh i still think the sniper is a bit op. I suggest making it so you can't move when you look through the scope. Also just a quick note when you are looking through the scope with the sniper your mouse is a bit sensitive. 3. I like the pick-up-able shotgun in the prototype map but I think its actually a little underpowered. Usually when I play FPS games I love the shotgun bc it lets you play really aggressively, which is my favorite way to play. I think you should make it a one hit-one kill (even if to the body)  if you are really (reeaaaally) close to the enemies. I also found a glitch idk how i did it but the ammo never ran out and i literally didn't have any timer between shots so it was like a machine gun. Actually kinda funny. 4. This one might sound a bit weird, but think the hitscan weapons should be not exactly hitscan. I think instead they should fire the trigger and shoot a fast moving invisible hitbox that when it hits the player deals damage, but still looks like hitscan to the player (because making video games is all about manipulating the players minds to think they're doing well am i right). The reason i think this is because (like i said before) I love playing FPS games aggressively, running around enemies and not really taking cover. But the hitscan weapons discourage that a bit, so if i try to jump around the enemies shooting bullets, I still take the damage (this depends on what style of FPS you want your game to be. This feedback is a little bit focused toward encouraging aggressive play, because I think it's most fun that way. Up to you). 5. I kinda think there should be a way to get some health back, but make sure if you do make it's encouraging a certain type of play YOU think is most fun. That way to get health, your players will have to play in your optimal way. There are probably more that i thought of a while ago but i forgot em lol. I genuinely think this game is really fun though and i love the unlockable guns and animation. Really fun game. With some more stages, and maybe a speedrun mode with online timers i could play it for hours. (sry for long comment plz dont sue me)

(; have a nice vacation!

really fun demo! I love the low poly artstyle and the different guns. Looks like you spent a lot of time working on this (: . Couple things to note: the sniper rifle is kinda over powered, i used it twice and just abused it. The hitscan weapons on the enemies weapons are really hard to dodge, maybe tone down the damage or something. The pistol is too under powered from my experience, and I couldn't find a way to get back health, idk if your going to add that or not. Over all nice game!

rip it needs to be .app. Well gl on the game anyway!

what if i have mac...

idk how to run the file...

nice game! I liked the pixel artstyle and chiptunes! And pretty well designed for a small metroidvania!

looks like fun! I might wanna try it (:  Good job!

geez this game is hard. Cant even beat the third level lol. Good job!

heh lol ok im just dumb. 

nice little game! I do think a jump would be nice though (:

Wow really nice game for a week! I love the art and animation, and the unlockable characters were really fun! (: got 39

nice game! Its hard as nails but yknow who cares. :)

really fun game! I loved the low poly artstyle and the physics for the planets. The only thing i would change about it is I would make you be able to fall off, but that might lead to difficulty spikes and such so its completely fine to leave that out. Great job (: