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Building lvl

Made adjustments to tileset 2 again


Building lvl

Made adjustments to tileset 2 again

Made new animation for finding stuff

Built level

DEC 10

Updated and added entrance glow to tileset 2

Updated Octakiss visually and added kiss spots

Made 2 enemies side views

DEC 11

Finished another enemies sideview

Made 2 new skill tilesets for enemies

Made a ton of new icons

DEC 12

Made event walk to the door. I have never done this before so it was very new to me. I always just made people just vanish before. ;-]

I’ve optimized the current lvl I was working on by deleting wasted tiled space. I hope it helped. ;-]

DEC 13

Made busts for Thomas and ANGL

Updated what gets a visual indicator when mana is being taken away by a skill. Gave poison to ionx. Gave curse to mana ghosts.

Made 4 new animation skills

Made one icon darker 

Implemented enemies and their stats

Made several new items/drops

DEC 14 

Reduced gold of phohoy and refen which inherently reduced the two new enemies

Fixed animation that was not linked to weapon

Made some enemy battles

Made two new battlebacks