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The game... well, what can I say? I couldn't figure out what to do, the writing was pretty bad in all areas and it made no sense. I never got to see much of any gameplay as it played out like one long cutscene - which I wouldn't mind if I could figure out what I was supposed to do or was going on.

Sorry, I just couldn't really enjoy the game.

Thanks for playing, also the video I really liked it seeing someone playing my game. I'm not native english so sorry for bad writing.

Making no sense is because I wanted it to be  this way. This is what I think heavens would be, if it even exists. I mean no one being good enough to enter it and even it'd be boring.

Being like one long cutscene is because this is a short game with the ending, not a demo so I wanted to explain everything.

about the gameplay I didn't have time where I wanted to add battles. and by the far you played it, everything was still peaceful.