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It miiight be because I'm playing the .exe file off of wine on Mac, but I don't hear any of the sound effects when I'm playing this game such as the star noise when pausing or the bomb sound effects or the Mario noises when text boxes pop up. Am I the only one having this problem?


Hmmm, I never actually tried this game on wine (coz I don't own a Mac)

is the framerate fine? (it should cap around 25 FPS)

it seems to be playing at max framerate (which is actually a surprise to me) but it's as if the sound effects are just not there? its really weird


Actually there is an issue where the game seems to start without sound all the time. I've been noticing it a ton lately. I don't know why it started doing that. Are you getting any sound or music? If not, try reopening the game. That might fix it.

I get music, but no sound effects, which is weird to me.