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I am adding what I feel my “greatest game” will be! I have 100 years... of it takes me that long then I the project isn’t deserving of me, lol.

Add feedback here with regards to the jam submission.

Actually it works totally fine on windows 7. It is only windows 8 that has the problem. Ignore pyramid head.

Yeah. Do one during the summer.

I made good game. Play it. Much text.

No because the site is gone. Adrien decided to just upload the entire source for nintendo nightmare instead of the old cut down version. It makes more sense that way.

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The nightmare 3D engine that Adrien posted to let people make nintendo nightmare style games.

When I click next level the board does not reset. Please fix this. It  is a pain (and confusing) to have to manually erase the board. I think this might be a bug.

Seconded. It’s heavily unplayable without the pitch auto setting.

I have to say, while this is nowhere near the level of detail the original game certainly deserves in the end in terms of graphical upgrades and new revamped dungeons and whatnot, this hits it on the head of very strongly iterating on the original engine. I can't wait for the source code to be launched (once the initial wave of bug fixes squeeze through). I especially love the new menu setup with it just pausing the current game and then being able to reload it. It will be very enlightening to see how that tinkers under the hood.

For what I heard was about two months of work, this is an amazing job well done.

Only one more day... Get hype everyone.

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And yes Midi has a bug allowing for arbitrary code execution due to its format so it broke stuff. Removing the midis is.... on a to do list. One that will be never touched.

Yes there is also a bunch of wasted space in making dungeons made of separate rooms and rooms that only serve as routers, lol.

(I think I know how that game is so small. It is even more amazing when one by accident x6’s the source code file size.)


It still amazes me how this game is only 8 MB.

Actually there is an issue where the game seems to start without sound all the time. I've been noticing it a ton lately. I don't know why it started doing that. Are you getting any sound or music? If not, try reopening the game. That might fix it.