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Congratulations on your amazing discovery :) and thanks for the nice review! Check June Flower's accounts for more art like this!


Great rank :D

viewed from the back anything is possible :)

nice rank :) and yeah I recommend game maker if you want to make 2D games!

thx :)

thanks :D

woah that's great, I'll share it around :)

ah yes i'll try to not forget that part.

yeah didn't have time for sound on this one, sorry. Making the fall guys engine took a bit more energy than I expected.

you have many friends! They just need a hug!

Nice score!
Also yes this is all normal

disco mood

no problem

it would help yes

My next objective is to make a game that people play for longer than the time it took me to make it.

Thanks, I'll make more of those :)

very chonk

it is a thing that was made!

it happens

fast snails

Have they done bad things to you? ._.

Your mind makes them real

The definitive version of FGBIOH1H

Who's that?

TBH I never played Fall Guys so I had no idea checkpoints existed!

That's what battle royale games do for you!

thanks :D

yup! Actually was closer to 1h20min because GMS2 crashed on the way, and then I tweaked collisions a bit and then uploaded it to itch.

Fall guys is basically my game but made by an army.

thx :)


it's true!

thanks :) I like making odd games!

My highest score

very strong dish!

Fine videogame substances!

thanks for playing :D

I've also done the deed

I got the ultimate peace from lava :D