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the ball pit community · Created a new topic the pit

there are coloured balls in it.

The laser ducks ARGH

nice save

my ears

very ow

my ears

I got 3 points

That was actually surprisingly well polished :o


I got stuck. 10/10 ending!

This is golden

I managed to quit the game \o/

I need to add a "lack of optimization" rating.

My score is so high


Well that was definitely a thing!

10/10 game

I like how if I die too much the spikes top working 5/5 in frustration and unfairness!

so I purchased my way to victory but then I saw the epic key door. i don't have 50 mails for this, bye :p

The spawn point is NOW fixed :D thx for reminding me.

Okay I should probably NOT play those GBTK games with headphones X)

Aaah I forgot to do this and am running out of time for fixes. Maybe tomorrow X)

yes please.

Here is something to give you a good idea of what I expect

thx :)

I'll get working on a bug-free version this week-end thanks to all the QA I got from the jam players :)

Hi! Here is a browser game with only keyboard controls :)

Mine has less than 40 ratings :)

it's called the keymaster, and it's a game where you only have one key which unlocks all the locks.

Woah, I've read something about bad fanart. Can you make bad fanart of my bad placeholder key?

Thank you :) make sure you send this game to your friends, it's what helps me most!

thanks :) tell me if you reach the ending!

Stephen was a big inspiration yes :)

Make sure you send this game to your friends, it helps me a lot o/

thanks for playing :) send this to as many people as possible if you liked it!

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That was a super fun experience, I ended up winning by appropriating myself Elon Musk's work, and then BONKING him like a rat would.

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Capitalism in a nutshell

Yeah, I didn't have time to playtest every single outcome so I guess some softlocks would happen :/

(this is how you see that playtesters are a vital part of the industry and should be treated better)

If you liked the music, you can listen to more of it on my soundcloud :)

I started by making the platform+key engine, and then made an entire dungeon layout but with empty rooms. When that was functional, I just filled in the rooms with puzzles :)

Thanks a lot for playing :) Consider sending this game to your friends so they can give it a try!

Thanks a lot for playing :) Consider sending this game to your friends if you liked it! (just don't tell them about the frustrating last level :p)