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it happens!

So happy you liked it :D

I got 1257 :o

I probably won't make a sequel, because I would not be sure what to add after fighting literal gods :p

No editor either but the source files are freely available if you're using game maker studio 2! (which happens to be free as of last week)

glad you escaped well!

congrats :D

I know another dev has been working on a part 2 for a while, but I myself am not quite sure what I could add in a sequel X)

good strat :o

Wow I did it! I'm so good at mister platforming :o

thanks for playing :) the reality of gamedev is that is I spend 2 weeks on something it will actually be more like 2 weekends, so 4 days. A year spent on a project is around 60 days with no free time for myself. Time spent on a project has very diminishing returns :p 

I think it depends on the upgrades you've purchased

I don't think I have them, I was kinda using the same paint file repeatedly X)

I like theories

wow I fell down

It's definitely true X) 

I wouldn't even call this "level design", I just mashed together a bunch of images to make the levels :p

Do you have videos of those runs? :o

thx :)

the isometric style is easy to make, i'll probably reuse it somewhere

I could increase its radius too!

it happens!

Congrats :D

u gotta pick up some beans and bring them to your house to get attack points!

it was about a cute coffee :3

How about 9999 damage for the nuke?

house attack mode X)

oh wow, please send the video when you do :)

omg u made it :o


Glad you liked it!

it happens!

it's the magic potion we need to defeat gods!

thx :)

did you go all the way? :)

Glad you liked my ridiculous experience :)

I got it! can't wait for my next ride :)

Yup! All drawn in the GMS2 sprite editor :)

obviously because that is where all the money is :o

i know right :D

This part is super hard , I don't think I'll get through it X)

thanks for playing :)

how did you learn about this game?

thanks for playing :)