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like gore or?


No, it's a dick joke, lol.


sounds like my kind of humor

do you have more of that humor in other of your games

No, only in this game.

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do more of that kind of humor

i have a question

how do i acutally run the game?

nevermind sorry for wasting your time

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i was wrong i still dont know how to run it

You need winrar to unzip the .rar folder, once unzipped, you can play the game.

where do i get WinRAR?

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I don't remember really, just google winrar and see if you can find out. Think the site was called rarlab, but double check to make sure.

ok ill try that

i do see a site called that

i downloaded WinRAR 

it works, thanks

also you really should add more adult humor in ur games. just a suggestion