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Hi! Thank you so much for playing and we're glad you're liking the game so far! :D

To your questions & feedback:

* Prince Stats: You actually noticed right! Yes, the Princes each have two elements they're more affined with, and so they learn those faster than the others! In the Extended Demo and Full Release, we'll give the players the option to look more into the different Stats and the characters :D Like this:

Of course, information regarding the MC's stats will be given too :)

* Actions & Missions: The current demo is still largely missing a "Tutorial", we plan to explain more about missions and their functions in the full game as well!

* Deaths: The current demo has ~7 ways to die and 4 ways to survive. The deaths are marked with a "Game Over" message, and if you survive, you'll reach "End of Demo.". Although we've noticed that the difficulty settings we've set is way too high for most players x'D Different difficulty settings is definitely something we'll add in the Extended Demo :)

* Death scenario: They are mostly "off-screen" as in they're not graphical deaths. Although they'll get an innocent chibi illustration.

* Rating: The game will be kept SFW! Although it's definitely rated Teens for violence and innuendo.

* Voice acting: We would like to have partial VA if our funds allow! Although nothing is decided regarding this yet. We'll know more during the end stages of development :D