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Hello there!

I have just been playing this for almost two hours and I have to admit, I am impressed. 

Here is a little feedback!

* Art~ I love it! I have seen other independently made visual novels on Steam that have interesting concept but the art looked cheap, rushed, and like nothing was really invested in the art, thus putting me off buying them. This art is just awesome and I look forward to the rest of the cast in the full game. I also think that it was quite inventive of you to make some of the characters in silhouettes. I am also grateful that we were given a sketch in place of some cut-scenes that aren't 100% complete yet.  So kudos to the artists and their hard work. Keep it up!

*Sound effects~ Very hit and miss in some places but nothing majorly off putting. Believe me when I say I have experienced a LOT worse.

* Prince Stats~ It seems randomised and I am not sure f this is on purpose BUT I have noticed that some of the princes do better with some elements than others. Was this pure coincidence or meant to be that way?  If so then I really like that and I think it is really creative! - If not then maybe program it so each prince has a slight leaning to one element and is better at learning some elements over the others or something like that? 

In some RPGs that I have played different races/classes tend to lean one way more than the other and thus you work with it.  So may I suggest that something like that happens?

*MC stat upgrades~ I know it might be asking a little much but maybe you could add a mini-segment or something where we get to learn some of what MC is learning?  

*Missions~  It wasn't explained that you would have to choose between teaching the princes or doing missions and it kind of caught me off guard. Perhaps you could add that explanation? 

*Ded?~ I take it that the demo is supposed to end with MC being killed off without any way to bypass the stat check? If so then may I suggest that you update the demo to let the player know that please? For example - with instead of "bad end" you add that you can let the player know that >.<



* I noticed that  you said there would only be one or two assassination attempts. Will these be off-screen deaths or will we actually see cut-scenes it if it happens? 

*I didn't see an age rating. Are you intending to keep it SFW or do you intend to make a NSFW version? 

*Will voice acting be a thing in this or are you keeping it purely text based? (Not that I mind either way!) 


I really do look forward to this game being finished and any merch you decide to release. 

Thank you very much for the demo and keep up the great work!

Hi! Thank you so much for playing and we're glad you're liking the game so far! :D

To your questions & feedback:

* Prince Stats: You actually noticed right! Yes, the Princes each have two elements they're more affined with, and so they learn those faster than the others! In the Extended Demo and Full Release, we'll give the players the option to look more into the different Stats and the characters :D Like this:

Of course, information regarding the MC's stats will be given too :)

* Actions & Missions: The current demo is still largely missing a "Tutorial", we plan to explain more about missions and their functions in the full game as well!

* Deaths: The current demo has ~7 ways to die and 4 ways to survive. The deaths are marked with a "Game Over" message, and if you survive, you'll reach "End of Demo.". Although we've noticed that the difficulty settings we've set is way too high for most players x'D Different difficulty settings is definitely something we'll add in the Extended Demo :)

* Death scenario: They are mostly "off-screen" as in they're not graphical deaths. Although they'll get an innocent chibi illustration.

* Rating: The game will be kept SFW! Although it's definitely rated Teens for violence and innuendo.

* Voice acting: We would like to have partial VA if our funds allow! Although nothing is decided regarding this yet. We'll know more during the end stages of development :D