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Thank you SO MUCH for your response.  I helped me a lot with understanding this song :)

I asked a similar question on steam and someone confirmed my suspicion, that a non-english portion is indeed in russsian.

To be honest, I kind of lost hope at some point that anyone is gonna to help me (again, thank you) so I tried to write up lyrics myself. If you are curious, this was my result:

there is a fire in my soul
but is not big enough to feel ??? bow 
where days of a spaceman eating row pigeons
so I lost my thing in religion 

then I found you in
when an apple of my eye
but soon that apple turned rotten 
you turn down to brood?
to ?cheep? taste of food 
and let you still not forgotten

thank fuck 
you stood on my heart
you stood on my heart
you stood ?to dance teach ray?
thank fuck 
you stood on my heart
you stood on my heart
never needing a ?thread? in your life

I got an astray glue so common and knife
to smoke ?took/cut up? every aspect of life
inside every day see a reflection of my face/deflection on my face
and if you look for your heart you find my footprint in its place

I don't recognize you, you don't look the same
you had been acting cruelly you had been acting strange
we all would like to know what the fuck you ?gonna? now
we will continue this conversation when you would calm down

<verse when a woman and a man are singing together, 
the woman is singing the chorus and the man is repeating "hush, calm down">

Russian part:
<a few words I think I understand: 
yes; where are our city?; where is my sister?; I am trying; good morning; small; pupil; beautiful; I am dancing; I will go; I am reading; steps>

many projects can reveal a history of geology
?strange alien? lifeforms ?can raise? mythology
when you do your best thinks just throw an apology
I would like to give you more but I afraid you took an oath of me

yes, I am like siren I sing for you and ?brake and back?
??? too much ??? every right
you are everything that I hate about gas in ???
when you fast switch hard and only thing I ever like

thank fuck 
you stood on my heart
thank fuck 
you stood on my heart

thank fuck 
you stood on my heart
you stood on my heart
and served it at your buffet

No Problem!  It looks like you got a few of the lines I couldn't figure out (I believe that the final line "And served it at your buffet" is correct).  I appreciate yr partial translation of the Russian portion.