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That was absolutely delightful and so very well balanced! It's great having so much story content. The stat manipulation feels very natural and not like a grind in the slightest. The characters are all interesting and charming. 

I only have two comments. First, while I know from what we're told at the beginning of the game that Nazir is beloved by the common people and a generally good guy, the 'silverware' scene is a bit uncomfortable to me. I think it might be a good idea to make it more clear that the maid was a willing participant, not the victim of a power imbalance and unwanted attention.

Second--and this is probably just me--I was really hoping that the female Alexis would be the same avatar, just with longer hair.  Same clothes and face. Sigh. Maybe I've just been watching too much anime. I think I've overdosed on tiny, cute girls.

All in all, this is a wonderful, beautifully high quality demo, and I'll definitely be contributing to the Kickstarter. Well, when I get paid. ;)

Thank you so much for playing! :D We're super happy you enjoyed the demo!

Yes, most of the scenes weren't edited in the demo. They're currently going through more editing to fix issues we might not have seen before! The scene with Nazir and the maid is a quite delicate one though, to balance between the right amount of "Yes, it was totally consensual" but also "It's so awkward to be caught!!!" xD We will try our best though!

Regarding the style, mhhhhm, if it makes a difference, know that the MC, both male and female, are 5.57 feet and the same weight? XD We actually tried to make them as similar as possible. So the male one does look a bit more feminine, and the female one definitely isn't tiny and "delicate" xD Their faces are a bit up to the artist' style though -coughs-