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I enjoyed chapter 3 immensely. Didn't have any problems or feel boxed in by dialogue. DID guess my identity really quickly tho, which may have influenced the kind of choices I was looking for. On second thought, that'snot quite true. I did have to forgive a certain crew members suggestion that I didn't want to forgive.... Really looking forward to chapter 4. :)

Congratulations! Can't wait to play. :)

I definitely got that's it was intentional, what I wasn't sure of was if this was a reincarnation story. ;)

This is really good! So well done! Can't wait for chapter 4.

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This was very interesting and fun. I'd like to see you develop a longer game with the characters and the sect. One thing confused me though, the opening and closing. It feels like something nefarious that wasn't uncovered, but I'm not sure that's how I'm supposed to read that.

I was really looking forward to this. It's sad that it doesn't seem to be moving forward. Superb demo.

Very excited to see how far along you are!

This demo is superb. I can't wait for the game. I already told you this a few months ago, but it bears repeating, Such a good job!

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That was absolutely delightful and so very well balanced! It's great having so much story content. The stat manipulation feels very natural and not like a grind in the slightest. The characters are all interesting and charming. 

I only have two comments. First, while I know from what we're told at the beginning of the game that Nazir is beloved by the common people and a generally good guy, the 'silverware' scene is a bit uncomfortable to me. I think it might be a good idea to make it more clear that the maid was a willing participant, not the victim of a power imbalance and unwanted attention.

Second--and this is probably just me--I was really hoping that the female Alexis would be the same avatar, just with longer hair.  Same clothes and face. Sigh. Maybe I've just been watching too much anime. I think I've overdosed on tiny, cute girls.

All in all, this is a wonderful, beautifully high quality demo, and I'll definitely be contributing to the Kickstarter. Well, when I get paid. ;)

Excellent game! Now I'm waiting for a sequel that I now realize that I can't say anything about because it's so spoilery, lol

I tried and it didn't. I'll try closing my browser and trying again....

Hey, I didn't give you any money when I downloaded this because I had none, but I'd like to now. How do I make it give me the option again? Super charming game, btw!

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Well, so many seem to like this game, I guess I'll try again and see if I can get further. I really enjoyed Halloween Otome and found the characters utterly charming, but I find the premise of the game unpleasant in the extreme, and the characters unlikable. Still...the comments are uniformly positive, so....yeah. here I go to reload..... Edit: Tried Daire's route this time and liking it much better.  Edit2: Still don't like the guys, but I do like Mira now, so that's good. It's lovely to see the characters from Halloween again, but I'm not a fan of the mechanic that Mira's stats can derail past victories.