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Thank you so much for the detail! This review was so helpful. Yeah I ended up doing the tutorials at the last minute so I have actually reworked them into the story but alas that was after the deadline for the contest lol. Such a short time to get it all in :) I’m glad we were along the same thinking though. The church was god awfully designed lol. I didn’t even recognize it until some other people pointed it out which thankfully has been fixed as well as a lot of the other mapping issues I found and others found after the fact and I definitely agree I need to add some subtitles to the intro lol. I got a little ambitious adding my voice in there that I completely forgot those :p all of these comments though that you made are wonderful and make me really happy that you took the time to play it and point it out. I did make the map myself also with incarnate. It was actually based on a book I’m also writing :) again thank you for your lovely comments and your critical critiques which is great to hear to help me make it better! I appreciate it! 


Ah so it was your voice <3 It was a nice touch that I didn't expect and gives it a more personal feel.

I'll have to have a look a incarnate too, never heard of it :3

Glad you found the review somewhat helpful though. And you're writing a book too! So this game and the book have a connection then presumably? o_o

They do. I’m actually a romance write for work but trying to move over into full time game writing so this is kind of my first non romance writing piece. I write currently for blushing books publications. I’m excited for the change though since I’ve always loved video games and making them. :)