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This game was adorable all the way! \(^▽^)/

It was fun, I liked it. A little rough around the edges, but then again,
most games made in a month would be.

There's one glitch that could break the game, but it appears early on
and I haven't encountered it beyond the first few minutes of playing.
Basically, I somehow became invincible during my first few attempts.
That alone would've been nifty, but it broke the game in other ways of course.
Though what really happened is that I'm actually too good at videogames;
I can't die even when there's a button designed specifically to kill me!

Good call on that, by the way.
When I was in the game proper, I did have to use it a few times! ^^;

For the orbs, I'd differentiate their path from the main ones.
Either that or design the maps to allow the player to go backward!

There was also a little trickiness to the controls, but I was playing on the keyboard.
To be honest I haven't figured out a better solution to this yet.
I know what it's like to make a platformer with surplus bindings,
so you did a good job with a complicated idea!
I think my main difficulty came when my brain had to switch between
close buttons on the fly.

Overall, I'd recommend this for sure. d(^^)

TOTAL PLAYTIME: 1 HOUR (and 10 shiny orbs!)

FINAL VERDICT: Why Kirby, why?!


Thank you for the comments and playthrough! People keep discovering new bugs like the invincibility one you describe. It seems like the contest rush got to me!

And yeah. This game was designed to be played with a gamepad primarily, but I should certainly find a way to make keyboard controls work, perhaps with customizable controls