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I haven't finished anything, but I modified the code from

I created a NavManager that attaches to the grid object. At start, it searches all the tilemaps for colliders. If the tilemap has a collider, it creates a wall node where it finds a tile. I choose to not go the same approach as the original scripts which does a bunch of raycasting and physics tests; though it seems like that was a mistake, as plants aren't included as a wall node. Easy to re-implement.

Secondly, I attached a NavAgent script to the player that gets a path from the NavManager. Using the path, I send the direction to the Mover script.

It works OK, needs more work. I was really surprised with how quickly I was able to get it working from the code mentioned above. Great scripts!

Interesting find!

Sorry for answering late again. Things have been very chaotic lately.
I won't be able to implement this into the project directly, due to potential licence issues (No licences specified).
But it is a good resource nevertheless.

Currently there are other resources I need to attend to before continuing on a update for the kit.
I will do my best to free some time in early 2019 and implement a A* solution with your given resource as reference.

Hope it is going well for you so far.

Thanks you for sharing your findings!