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Thank you for the feedback!
I've got some questions of my own too, if you can answer them that would be really helpful for me :)

- Difficulty is a tricky thing to balance, more so for me because I've played the game to death. Would you say World 3 is too easy partly because you've gotten better as you play? Or is it just WAY too easy for you? Also, did you equip any items that helped reduced the difficulty? I have an inkling that Stage 1-7 might be too difficult, I'd definite adjust that.

- Regarding running out of ammo, did you realize that the crosshair is different depending on whether there is ammo? When ammo is at 0 the crosshair changes to the thin version. Since you had trouble with running out of ammo I assume the crosshair was not effective at all in catching your attention?


I think it is partially that I got better as I played. But I'd expect the worlds to keep getting harder as I get better, in order to keep providing a challenge. I went back and played all the worlds again to try to improve my high-scores; my impression is that World 2 is noticeably harder than World 1, but World 3 is slightly easier than World 2.

I had to buy the Energy Shield and Heart Container in order to beat Stage 1-7. I also had to buy the Glass Cannon at some point, but I don't remember when (I think it was in order to beat Stage 2-7?). The items make a huge difference, especially the Energy Shield. I went back and tried World 3 again without any items, and it was much harder; I had trouble scoring even 25-30 points.

I noticed the crosshair changes when running out of ammunition, but it's a pretty subtle change, and I don't normally look directly at the crosshair itself when I'm playing.

Ah ok, I see I see. Thanks for all the details, I think I understand better now.

Thanks again for the feedback! :)