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I am rating the games using the Judges categories just for fun


Pretty simple and to the point. Having a dash button could have helped immensely. Not too much to say. I think it needs something more.

I'm not sure if the Minotaur battle was the end or if it was bugged. I lost the first time and tried to go back in. He challenged me again and I won, but nothing happened, so I tried getting in the cave again and the battle just kept repeating, so I had to stop there



Pretty basic use of the RTP assets. The dead tree looks a little weird



The multiple weapon choice was a nice touch that could make players do multiple runs. This needs much more in the gameplay department to retain players however

[7/20] -> Doubled to 14


A game like this would disappear amongst the sea of RPG games that look similar. You either need a more concise gameplay mechanic or an unique art style to distinguish yourself


Total: 27/100 (2 Stars)

Although I am disappointed in myself that I failed to impress you, I completely understand why you chose to rate it this way.  I have more plans in mind for where I wanted to take this game, but for the contest, I just wanted to put down the core mechanics of this game and make something that works.  In that end, I think I succeeded, but in hindsight, I see I confused "room to grow" with "not enough to expand on."  This isn't something I want to give up on, but it may well be necessary for me to continue this on my own for a while.  Thank you for your feedback, and sorry for the late reply.  I wanted to take a few steps back and post a comment objectively rather than have my reason blinded by a negative response.