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The longer I play at free roam level the lower my fps drops, down to 1 frame per second. If I quit out to menu and continue, everything gets back to normal, for the time being, then fps gradually drops again. Perhaps there are some objects on the map that aren't properly disposed over time? Little green blobs maybe? It needs debugging to say for sure. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Remember the trick with final boss that allows player to get new zooid and quit out before completing boss fight as long as 1 minion is alive? Turns out it also works on cage boss. I kinda like this bug, though, having full zooid collection is fun. But you might see this the other way.

Also, when I click Play Again button after final boss - it doesn't do anything.

PS: Is this a good place to leave bug reports? I used to leave bug reports in this post so  that other players would see them to prevent duplicate reports, but now I notice there aren't many bug reports coming from other players, so would you like me to sent reports anywhere else?


  • Noted that performance drops. We use "pooling" for objects, but that shouldn't cause any problems as objects get re-used. My hunch tells me that it might be copies sipho "blueprints".  We will look at it - it will have to be fixed for Aquarium any way. Knowing that you only need to quit to menu rather than whole game gives better clues.
  • Noted about 3rd boss. We shall fix that exploit for good.
  • Noted that "play again" button doesn't work.

Thank you for all these reports! We also use discussion forum on Steam, but we monitor both communities, so you can use whichever you prefer.