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This was an excellent submission. The aesthetic worked well, the dialogue was good and well-paced, and the underlying story was an overall delight. I always love exploring the concept of sentience in what would otherwise be considered, "lifeless" forms. What is in a soul? What makes something truly "alive"? Very well done. 

The music suited the atmosphere perfectly, and while the puzzles were not overly challenging, they had enough complication to make them enjoyable without being overly frustrating. I also really liked the diversity of them and the way they were laid out.

Honestly, the only issues I could really find were the occasional spelling issue or grammatical error. Easily remedied. This has been my favorite submission so far, and the first to receive a five star rating. I truly hope you will continue with this project, as I would love to see how the story resolves.

Well done. I've completed a Let's Play for this game as well. I'll include that below:

Wow, this is the best review I've received! I'm very happy that you liked it !. And sorry for the grammar mistakes, I'm not a native english speaker, fortunately Hawkzombie helped me fix the most notable mistakes,  it would have been much worse xD.
Thank for the video, I really enjoyed it!!!