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I didn't know what to say to him!! D: lmao I like aiden and am curious about Donovan.btw why on earth does mc think it's a good idea to walk through the poor district in the victorian era O_O 

Ooo, glad you like Aiden, and yes, Donovan is interesting once you get past the rough exterior. Can't speak to the habits of the MC... I suppose she's not about to be told what she can or can't do.

she would have likely regretted it irl lmao


In case you're curious, we've been researching this topic further. A rise of "hooliganism" and a decline in Chaperones meant that young ladies took it upon themselves to defend against such risks. Apparently, when out and about, hatpins and umbrellas were popular weapons of choice. There were even classes for this type of self defense, suggesting that a well placed strike with an umbrella to an attacker's eye socket or throat would quickly put a stop to them. Who knew?