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The new update is great :) 

I love the snapping when holding ctrl (not sure if it was there before) 

Would be great if we could define the snap amout before moving though :) 

One thing im struggling with atm is multiple selected faces being extruded, they just stick to the cursor instead of pulling out like in other modelling software, other then that im loving the patch so far :) 

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Thanks Jofers, glad you like it.

You can control the snapping more precisely with Shift+Ctrl, or if you zoom in to the model the snapping distance will get shorter.

When you extrude any faces it should extrude along the average normal of those faces, I can't replicate that error in any other version of Mesh Edit. That does happen if you only extrude edges without a face though so I can take a look at that.

average normal seems less useful then foreach normal,  for example if you used a cylinder primative you couldnt pull them all out at the same rate in each direction.

and also having the distance from object be the determining factor for snap scale makes handling more then one selection at a time difficult since you have to zoom into the model and drag without being able to see to get a line of cubes to extrude the same size as the original cubes.