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Game Designer here if you ever need it. :)

show me an example from your work

Hi, one example can be a Tabletop RPG:


Heavy Hearts is a role playing game for 2 players about the struggle of people to move on after past unhealthy relationships based on communication issues. Some of them will find comfort only by discovering the truth and speculating on different and alternative scenarios, others will eventually move on and break connections with the past.


In this game the players will have distinct roles: one of them will be The Memory, while the other will be The Truth. Both of them will explore the memories of the Afflicted character (played by The Memory) about his/her past and unhealthy relationship, and his/her inability to move on. The Truth will portrait the Lost Love character and secretly decide what really happened in the relationship including what were the untold truths and the real problems. Will The Memory dig deeper into the memories? Will The Memory wish things went differently? If so, just ask The Truth "What if…?" to explore new possibilities in a what if scene.

aa ok u tell what the characters do and all stuff what need the game, like the story

Mechanics, Level Design, Narrative, Game Balance, Testing, Prototyping etc.

That was just an example of a game I made, and nope I created the rules but then is up to the players experience it. :)

I am also proficient in videogame design as well.

ok give me your email and i will contact with u