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Thanks kryouma!
In Javanese, Reksa means 'keep' so yeah, I think it's similar to 'protection' or 'guardian' ^.^- and yes! We need more games with dark skinned men! x'D *or maybe it's just my fetish *cough

Patience and effort are the key here, but I'm mainly grateful to my supporters because they have a seemingly endless patience, waiting for my game to complete! >///< I'm honestly a slow writer, so really, thank you for being awesome and waited for me! 

and of course, thank you for suggestion! I also feel it would be great to have a customize-able protagonist, but in terms of work, it's a bit too much since I'll also have to customize the CGs @@ if there's 3 eyes, 3 hair color, 3 hair style, 2 skin, there would be... 18 variations just for 1 CG? *cough* so... for the sake of my sanity, I would put down that idea for now :'))

Lastly, I sent the steam key to your email just now!
Please check your inbox or spam folder! 




just to clarify,,i meant a protag that's NOT SEEN on the screen so the CGs would just be of the romance-able character! i think it also gives you the feeling of actually being there bc it's like a 'complete the scene' kinda thing,,yanno? also,,in terms of work that might be harder bc you'd like to put a lot more detail into just that one character -- but i think its better than two fullbodies (bc those kill me)! just a suggestion -- making it a little more LGBT+ suportive (like choosing pronouns, female/non-bianary/genderfluid love interests as well) would help the game reach larger audiences! also can't wait for the next game -- lmao wish i had enough money rn to support,,but def ask me if ya need any help with beta-ing, ideas for CGs or story-line revision! as always,,love ur work,,and thanks for giving ppl like me a chance to feel loved!!