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Looks like fun! But by reason the game resets to turn 1 randomly (or am I missing some game over condition?). I wish there was some messaging system in there, telling what's going on.

Yeah, you were probably running out of food. Apparently we put that rule on our Ludum page but forgot to put it here, sorry. We updated the page to show it. There's a better "You Lose" notification now too.

Oh, I see. The message could be even more informative though - “you ran out of food. Game over”. Now I see a different bug - at some point all cards from the desk disappear. Like, I click End button and new set is empty, no matter how many turns I skip.

We're looking into it, some others reported that bug too. We think it has something to do with the "Bank Heist" card, so for now we'll post that in Known Bugs so people can avoid it.