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I'm using version 5.1 on my Mac, and I'm unable to save my process in this game.

Hey! So there is no "free save function" in this game! You actually need to find or make an item that allows you to save! Come join the discord if you have any questions!

Thank you!

That does definitely sound like a bug. I'll look into it. Do you have any experience with other RPG Maker games by any chance? Sounds like an in-engine bug....

Yeah as kill_switch said, the save spots are pretty scarce... Or did you have trouble saving even with the save spots?

Thanks! I'm new to this game.

I just tried out the save station at the bed on Level 3-Basement, but it didn't allow me to save on any files. Is this supposed to happen? Still using version 5.1 Mac.

Hey! So the that has a special function, it gives you a coin flip as a chance to save, if your sucessful you save your progress, if not.....well an unpleasant surprise shows up.

I got the correct face of the coin when doing the coin flip, which led me to the save screen. I wasn't able to save on any of those files.

Could be a bug! I usually press space to save but I avoid the basement bed. So there could be a potential bug there.