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Really nice demo for this VN, the art is beautiful, music and sound effects really help bring the world to life, However ,I think the strongest point of this game is the characters, they are so good and well constructed and no one seems t0 take the spotlight so we get to know a little bit of everyone. The story seems very promising (Not gonna spoil it here!) so I'll be looking up to that.

Little note, I love the amount of choices we get to make during the demo, it really feels like playing a story and not just reading it!

Granted this world seems to be very big, with multiple storylines and plots to explore, I felt a little overwhelmed at the beginning by the amount of names of places and people I read with no context for me to put them in, luckily towards the end of the demo I came to understand most of the things (Thanks to a very good trip to the library) and since this is a demo of a bigger game it totally makes sense that I don't get all the answers I want.

Keep the good work!


Hi, Hikiyami Moriko! Thanks for playing and streaming our game's demo! We're glad you enjoyed it! We'll take your comments into consideration, so perhaps we'll add more details about the lore and add more world building as we know it can get quite confusing at first. Thank you again and don't worry, there will be more choices in the full release! :D