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Loved it!!! I'll be waiting for the full release! Wonder why "Kokoro" is there though... Could it be set in a parallel universe!?

Understandable! Glad to see more Sol stans hehe ;)

Awww, this is so cute! I love the concept of the puzzles, it was a creative solution to the jam's constraints and adds in more immersion to the storytelling! Great job!

Aaaa thank you for playing, Kokoro~ Super glad you enjoyed it, and even more stoked that you remembered details of Gaia from other games! Look forward to the full release, can't wait to see how you react then! ^^

Thanks for playing! And I suppose the 'secret ending' is quite easy to get, eh? hehe

Hi, Hikiyami Moriko! Thanks for playing and streaming our game's demo! We're glad you enjoyed it! We'll take your comments into consideration, so perhaps we'll add more details about the lore and add more world building as we know it can get quite confusing at first. Thank you again and don't worry, there will be more choices in the full release! :D

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Hi, hatorin! Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for leaving a comment! This does put a smile on my face :)

Yes, the artists did an amazing job!

Hi, thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed the game!

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CHANCE DICE!! Hm! It rolled a 5, and that means I'll have to comment on how HILARIOUS this game is! I love the puns, how engaging the writing is, the funny moments, and the secondhand embarrassment is real haha! Van is best boi and I love the CGs and the voice talents really put their heart and soul in their performance, GREAT JOB TO ALL OF YOU. Anyway, ahem, sorry for the messy comment but yes I friggin love it and I'm honored to be your sprite artist (I've got a lot to improve on haha). Anyway, all your visual novels seem to have a tagline somewhere that I always remember at the back of my mind, such as "IT IS TIME", but this time it's "CHANCE DICE!!!". El.Seth rolling out!

Hiya Alex_at_the_Moon! Glad to see you liked OFAF and the CG, our CG colorist and I had fun working on that! And haha, I see Kisha is going to be the popular one. I can see why you're mad with Sol lol, but trust me, he has a reason ;). Thank you again for playing and good luck with your future games!!

Hi demonbear! Thank you so much for playing OFAF's demo! And hehe glad to know you like Kisha! The pretty text boxes and sprite arts were made by our talented Sprite artist and GUI artist, so yep, thanks to them, and thanks to you for playing!! :D

Hoho, hi again! Hope you enjoy~

Hehe, hope you enjoy!

Hi, MyKawaiiPanda! Thanks for playing Meme Detective and I'm glad that you enjoy it! Yeah, the VAs did an amazing job voicing them and are totally in-character! I think it's slow because Unity games take a lot of resources. Lol to your mom getting scared of your 3 am laughter haha. ^^

I am so in love with this demo. The art, the story, the comedy-- everything is just so well made! Zen is definitely my favourite, and I can't wait to see him and Mai more in the full release! Also, the game really spoils you with a lot of choices, all of which can bring different outcomes, some of which are hilarious and unpredictable (It's so hard not to slay anyone in this game though, haha). Can't wait for the full release and good luck on development!


HAPPY 5 YEARS ANNIVERSARY TO O1G1STQ!! Awww yes, this game brings back so much memories and was my first exposure to Tofu Sheets Visual's games! I will certainly support you in whatever form you want the extra prequel to be!! <3

Hehehe thank you, Kokoro~ I also look forward to "Chance It!" can't wait! <3

Aaa thank you so much for playing and commenting, Mikey! I also enjoyed your reactions to C:DoD a lot! :D

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Excited for the Kickstarter! Glad to have you on board and thanks for all your help proofreading!! And where do I sell my soul to get grades as good as Felix's shot

Hi, Uranomoon! Thanks for playing! Haha, knowing how stubborn and strong-willed MC is, it seems unlikely she'll ditch it, especially after Rico helped her :)

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Hi Starishsky! A long-time fan here! It's amazing that you're still working on MOLR even though you're busy! The story of MOLR is still fresh in my mind even after playing the demo after... maybe 4 years ago-ish? Really glad to know you're still well and kickin' even though we've hardly heard from you haha. Take as much time as you need to develop MOLR, you can be sure that there are still fans (like me) who are patiently waiting! And WOW you got into game design school! Congrats! I'm sure you'll do well and can work on something you're passionate about! All the best for your studies and irl commitments! :D

Hi there! Thank you for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed the game! It was quite short due to time constraints and the game jam's word limit (<1000 words), but yeah I agree, it could be expanded more :0

Hi, silverwater! Thank you for playing! The black screen just signifies that the game has ended, and there are no more scenes after that. Sorry for the sudden transition!

Hehe, thank you for playing, silverwater! I too wish to spend my entire life as a cat :')

Hi! I'm still looking for an artist (mostly background but yes, character artists are cool too). You can send me your discord handle or alternatively you can email me as per written in the document! Thank you!

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Hi Iestyn! Thanks for reaching out! Yes, unfortunately I'm unable to pay anyone at the moment, but I've sent you a friend request at discord if you're still interested in the project! I'm not a professional by any means, but I'll be happy to have you in the team!

Hi LeiKURRR! Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed this silly game and thank you so much for playing! :D

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Hi! I'm El.Seth, a solo VN developer. I'm currently recruiting members for my Otome Jam entry, "Of Frost and Flowers". All roles are unpaid as this is a passion project. If you're interested to learn more about the project, details about the game and application are all inside the document attached below! 

Thanks and I look forward to working with you!

Yoo so glad to give this demo a go, it was hilarious and I laughed in literally every interaction in this game! Writing is amazing, all the characters are loveable, banters are gold, and the comedy is totally out of the world (yes, pun intended)! Can't wait for the full release and good luck for development! Will be cheering for you!

Hi dutchmillt! Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the humour, hehe :D

Thank you Kokoro~ Yes, Matt in his natural habitat hAHA

Hi Kokoro~ Thanks for leaving a comment haha, always honored to have your voice in the game! And yes I look forward to our collabs!

Hi Kokoro! Thanks for playing! Tis an honour! ^^

Ahhh you guys look so cute together! That place looks very familiar, could that be the one in Jogja...? Not sure. Anyway, please enjoy your prewedding times and don't forget to drink water! 


Thank you~

HAhah I gave too much love to my babies. Thanks Kokoro~

HAHAHHA nice puns, NerdyChara, I shawl wish you a pun-filled Christmas too! :D