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Yayyy!! Can't wait!!! ^^

Hi hi! Thank you so much for your comment and for enjoying the game!! 

I'm glad you didn't expect the intense stuff going on (I love surprising people) and I love Rico's route too! I had a lot of fun writing the stage-play scene- it actually foreshadows lots of things heheh. I'm happy the plot twist was unpredictable! I tried my best to give hints of the truth in Rico and Seth's route.

Yeah, at some parts, especially in Seth's route, Neim's puns visibly decreased... and fyi, no, I didn't run out of puns, but I thought that it isn't really the time to spew puns when your life is at stake. Hahah. 

Glad you liked the characters! I tried to make them relatable and yes, Lynne is best girl! I'll probably upload v3.0 today or tomorrow. I'm done, but I just have to test it for a while. 

Ahh thank you so much for your kind words, it really means a lot to me! I'll be looking forward to your next games (and our collabs) too!!

Hi Boos405! Thank you for giving TCC a chance! I'm glad you liked the story despite the grammar lapses and flaky characters. Thanks again for leaving a kind comment! It means a lot to me!

Hi Boos405! Thank you so much for playing KAIROS and for leaving a comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Yes! That is also true! (how did you know that) Thank you so much for giving me a reason to cover up my laziness. Hahah

Hi hi! I agree Lynne is best girl! It's unlockable after completing Seth's good end, just like Matt's route (cuz I'm too lazy to program more). But if you played the game already there's gonna be this option at the start of the game so you can automatically unlock all routes. 

Thank you for reporting again!! This was the issue I talked about... Yes, I'll try to fix the resolution problem.

Hi again! Thank you so so much for playing Moonlight Mansion! I'm glad you liked the endings! I personally like ending 2 the best- I got the feels when I was writing it. Thank you again for all the support you've given me and good luck on your next games!!

nooo don't be sorry! In fact I'm thankful you took the time to report the errors!

Oh no... Another one... I'm so sorry... Thanks again for reporting. The thing is there's nothing wrong when I test it in my phone so I'm relying on you to tell me which image doesn't work out hahah. 

Ahhh yesss I noticed that too haha, especially with large chunks of text. Maybe I'll fix it later. Thanks for reporting, but maybe you can comment in my devlog next time you find an error instead? It's getting a bit congested here haha.

Hi, I'm not sure but probably in around 1-2 months' time. Or shorter. Or longer. Haha.

Oh... My... Cabbage! You weren't kidding when you said this game has "brilliant mind-numbing plot twists" and I would have never guessed the plot twist to be so... Twisted! I had a blast playing this and laughed so hard at many silly scenes! Gotta love that Moses is so useless in battles and that his teammates always carry him, as well as the strong-looking weapons no one could wield, the unnecessary items I bought, and the 70,000 G I received from defeating the enemy but could never spend because the game ended aaaaaaaa...  (Also that one time I died because of a mimic made me scared to touch another fancy-looking treasure chest). Anyway, I love this game! It's so bad that it's really good! 

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Ok, I think it was just a resolution problem. This is probably because your phone is unable to resize the images- anyway, I resized them and updated it in v1.3. I think if you continue playing, you'll also encounter errors regarding 'bg nightlake' and 'bg cloudycastle' (this is because they're not resized in the old version).

I am so sorry for the bug. If you want a smoother experience, you can play it on your laptop. And thank you so much for taking the time to report this bug.

oh my god what happened. It wasn't like this... Perhaps it's the difference in our androids' version. Anyway, I'm sorry, I'll look into it soon, and thank you for reporting.

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Hi again, I'm sorry to keep asking you, but rn I'm still stuck in the scene where we have to go to the witch's star or something- your walkthrough said to head south from the port but when i wanted to proceed further America said that it's not the right way. I also went to the place where we met Allen but nothing happened?? So sorry to disturb.

Alright I think it's fixed?? (See the devlog) and thanks again for reporting

Ah thank you! I'll do my best to improve my skills!

Hi, for now I don't know how to deploy RPG Maker games into Android, so I don't think so. But if I do find a way to do it, I'll let you know.

Ah crap I'm so sorry I received a similar error report a while ago. The thing is everything was fine when running in my device. But anyway, I'll try to fix it right away.  Thank you for reporting!

Ayy ok I'll work on it! Thank you for playing the game! I'm honored you liked it! And haha it's surprising you want to see my crappy CGs but ok

Hahah of course you can- I made it for you. Welcome, thank you, and good luck!! Stay safe and healthy!

Hahah thank you, hope you enjoy it!

Yep, sometimes we gotta start small, but being ambitious is important too! I'll be looking forward to your journey in gamedev! Also if you need help feel free to contact me anytime. Cheers!

Ah yes, cats. Of course. The epitome of beauty but also the devil incarnate... Jk jk. Please pass my thanks to your cat. 

I really doubt I play the piano well but thanks? Glad you enjoyed it!

Haha yes, The Punniest Pun Messter is where I put my repository of memes and horrible puns for the entire world to groan at. If you do pick it up, be prepared for awkward moments and 24/7 meme references. 

Ohh! You're working on Ren'py too! Good luck on its development!! I'll be happy to play or test it once you're done!

Awww thank you so much, Sy! Your encouraging words make me really happy. Yeah, you're right, although it's unpolished, this game is like a stepping stone for me to venture into the world of VNs (lmao). I'm sure it's the same with your 'Artur'! One day you'll look back at it and think "Whoa! I've improved so much! And I've gotten so far!" and remember the characters you so lovingly created! This is gonna be you after making another game:

But it's not so long after all haha 'cause it's gonna stay in your heart~ 

... Okay I'll stop there it's getting too cheesy lol. Thank you again for dropping by, Sy! Your words encourage me, it really means a lot to a rookie developer like me!

Aaa thank you so much!! Hope you enjoy them~

Hi Sy! Aaaa thank you so much for playing Moonlight Mansion! (I am tempted to ask why you slept- or woke up so early at 4 am but I'm not one to judge lmao). Your comment made me really happy and I'm glad you liked the VN! Although I did chuck in some of my lousy piano recordings, most of the music comes from royalty-free websites like (Kevin MacLeod), (Di Evantile) and (David Fesliyan), so if you want to listen to more music like that, you can check these websites out. And by all means, if you're in your laptop, feel free to take out the music from the 'music' file lol.

Glad you liked the play on words- puns are just my thing... and memes too! Thanks for putting your reactions in the form of memes! They're so accurate haha! Once again, thank you so much for playing and for the kind comment- it really makes my day :) I'll be looking forward to your games too!

Hi Sy, thanks for reporting this to me! And I can't believe you actually played it haha! Sorry for the bug- I never encountered this issue before (or it didn't turn up in my phone), but I'll look into the problem as soon as I can! To be honest The Clock Chronicle is my most unpolished VN, but nevertheless my first, so I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm sorry for the grammatical mistakes, clunky transitions, and inconsistent, flaky sprites... Anyway, thank you for giving TCC a chance!

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Hey, it's no problem at all! Your game does deserve more love though. 

And you don't have to force yourself to do that haha but I appreciate the thought! 

You're welcome and I'll be looking forward to your next games (if you are making others)!

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Hi! I just dropped by to say this game is amazing and the humour is gold! I'm glad I came across this gem! Love the facts that Artur is invincible (I never used potions lmao), Cosmicle is 70 levels above everyone else, and Swordy is so cute and precious awww~ I enjoyed the snarky comments both Artur and Swordy makes when investigating (and stealing) literally every object in the game- especially the part when Artur picks the lock in the inn and the NPC was just like WTH how are you here!? And then the childish scuffle with Caesar- HAHA that got me rolling. There was not a single scene when I did not laugh out loud, and for your first RPG maker game, I think you did a great job! Cheers to you!

Congrats on the productive week!! The polished BG looks amazing!! And lmao Arya being a rock lol relatable. Don't forget to take care of your health!

Aaa thank you so much for your kind review and for your help in testing the game! I'll fix the bugs you pointed out as soon as possible! I also agree that the climax was kind of lacking, but it's a prequel, so the outcome of the fight is necessary for the novel's plot. (I feel slightly guilty for the cliffhanger though haha)

I'm so glad you liked the world, and yes, it's the same world as The Clock Chronicle and Kairos. If you play Kairos, you'll meet Chronos, Bob the Stalker and Zephyra! To be honest I'm not sure about the timeline, but perhaps the events of Kairos is before Crysmalia: DoD because... you know what happened to Zethania (haha).

Thank you so much for giving Crysmalia: DoD a chance and for your valuable feedback! (P.S.: I'm also planning to make a VN based on the novel, though it's still undecided)

Ooh, okay, thanks!

Hey there, I downloaded the game already but it says 'RPGVxAce RTP is required to run this game'. There doesn't seem to be a RTP100 file in the zip either.

Uwahhh thank you i'll try downloading it again!!

Looks like you really did a lot of work this week, SweetChiel! But do remember to take care of your health! Sleep is really important, so make sure you sleep adequately! We don't want you to neglect your health and get sick, haha. Keep up the great work!!!

Oo thank goodness. Thanks for saying that and hope you enjoy the game~

Aaaa thank you so much! Hopefully the instruction sheet isn't that confusing cuz I realised it was so hard to put the rules in writing... And I'll upload the novella some time!! Thanks againnn!

Hello SelLillianna, thank you so much for playing Moonlight Mansion! I'm so sorry for the grammatical mistakes and tense issues- English isn't really my first language. And yes, you're right- I noticed I made a mistake with the age but forgot to correct it, hoping that people won't notice the mistake (haha). I will probably upload a corrected version later on. I'll also try my best to improve on my art skills (I know they're lacking) and hopefully they'll get better in my next games. I'm glad you liked the plot and the pacing. As for the endings, I also share the same dilemma as you when playing many games. Ending 2 isn't particularly a sad ending, though it's arguable. Anyway, thanks for your feedback! It means a lot! :)