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Happy Chinese new year, SweetChiel!!

Congrats on your progress!

May this year bring you happiness and don't forget to take a break and chill!

Omg yeah, the tsunami :-(  The destruction was terrible and so many lives were lost. Some of my family are in Lampung too- fortunately they are safe... Out of all times, it just has to be before Christmas. Anyway, stay safe, SweetChiel and congrats on your progress! Merry Christmas, everyone!

Great job!! It's short but fun (i wish it could be longer)! I'm a dark knight, and it was pretty accurate.

Hi, so far I like the design of this game, good job! But I encountered a problem: I couldn't save the game, and every time I press 'option' and then 'esc', it shows an error message and I couldn't do anything afterwards. (Btw I downloaded the one for Mac.) Is there a problem for the Mac version?

Thank you vita12! Glad you enjoyed it!

Hello HelloLeo,

This is a really awesome VN and I'm so happy I came across this. I love the jokes, especially the 'Relativity' HAHAHA. The game made me laugh from beginning to the end- love the characters, the music, the GUI and Hermes lol- I pity him/her so much. (By the way, I'm still confused about Hermes' gender). This game totally made my day. Thanks so much for creating this game and good luck for the next one!

Hi, Starishsky!

I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your game and your narration and everything! I like your art and GUI best, by the way.

I like Ninoslav more than Lio, and of course, Vestr himself! Each character's personality is really unique and has their own distinct charms. I haven't played Lost Royalty before, but I WILL NOW! I think that the game is complete the way it is currently- I didn't even feel it was a demo. It's not so long, but not so short either. And umm... I don't know what to answer to your last questions, but I guess I'll support whatever you decide on. 

Thanks and keep up the good work!

WAIT WHAT. There's a "her" referred as the protagonist!? Crap. Gotta fix that. Thanks for telling me. (It's supposed to be genderless)

Hello Icarlc, 

Thanks for playing the game! Regarding the protagonist, it was intentionally made so that the protagonist is you yourself, and their gender your gender. (But perhaps that left it more ambiguous...?) Honestly, while creating the game, I viewed the protagonist as female, but tried to make it more universal. Thanks for the comment, though- I don't plan to make a genderless protagonist next time.

Hey there chocochino, this is an interesting game and I enjoyed it immensely!

The plot is great and the pieces fall into play at the right time. I enjoyed Kieran's route the most, probably because it seems as if it's the only romantic route and uncovers all the secrets. There seems to be glitches in the scene with Johann where the snow falls (which I know is hard to create, because I use renpy myself), and some typos, though it really didn't change the fact that I loved this game! I think the story is developed quite well- the character development too.

 There were a few funny dialogues where I laughed so hard... maybe I'll post them here. HAHAHAHA. 

This, for example. Idk if the magic is supposed to be chanted that way, but LOL this is hilarious.

... And this.

Anyway, the game is long and interesting enough to keep me playing through nights, so thank you for creating this game!

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Time heals,

Time wounds,

Time forgets.

Between the two rivalling  countries is a clock, said to be a portal to traverse the fabric of time itself.

You are the only one who could unveil the clock's mystery to prevent another war from occurring.

Can you solve the mystery?

Download the full game for free in:

Hi Batshua,

Thanks for the comment and once again, thank you so much for playing! (I seriously thought no one would play it) I'm glad to know that this game made you happy.

Thank you for volunteering, but I don't think I'm going to update it any sooner (I'm kind of drowning in schoolwork. Haha.) But I'll make sure to tell you when I update it! (Impatiently waiting for holidays...)

Thanks again, and good luck for life, bruh.

Hi Batshua, 

Thanks for playing and I'm really sorry for the mistakes...

Yes- the forest part was a bit too difficult, wasn't it? Even I had trouble in defeating them (haha)- sorry for the difficulty and thank you for telling. 

And yeah- I noticed the Wind Talisman couldn't be equipped. (But I procrastinated and end up forgetting to correct it) Sorry!

As for the MP and TP, actually, the TP is never really used in battles- the special attacks don't require TP. I want to disable it, but I don't know how so I just let it be.  (The power of laziness!)

Thanks a lot for playing! I'll make sure to take note of these mistakes and correct it! (and yes, I should add more shops too)

Heya there, SweetChiel! 

I've played this game over three months ago but the characters and plot are so memorable that they stay in my mind! This game is the epitome of pure awesomeness and I can't help myself but to (at last) write a comment! I love every part of it and some people might deem me as weird but I love Rama's route- both the bad and good ending, followed by Reksa and Mitra. Reksa's route was great as well, but Rama's route stayed fresh in my mind probably because I played his last. Your art is super and the plot is so good. I like the moral lessons that you put in, and I think it will inspire a lot of people to not abuse power. (Especially our country's corruption...)    Oops.

It's amazing how you put in Indonesian cultures in there! (Yes, aku orang Indonesia juga, haha) Somehow it makes me feel the Indonesian pride. But honestly, though, I think you should be recognized by President Jokowi for spreading Indonesia's culture to the world in such a beautiful game. Well, in the end, I don't know if it's just me or your perfection, but I don't have any complaints about the game.

And I will definitely buy your next game when I am old enough to work and get my own money! Your game will be the first thing I'll buy!

Thank you for creating such a wonderful game! God bless you and keep up the awesome work!


            What will you do when time is getting out of hand?  

Play as Kainan, an amnesiac boy, as you fight your way to restore time and recover your lost memories.


  1. 8 playable characters to join your party as story progresses.
  2. Riddles awaiting!
  3. It's an RPG game, so a lot of fighting.
  4.  A few graphics.
  5. Over 4 hours of gameplay.
  6. Some choices affect ending.
  7. It's FREE, bruh!

Official game page:

Fight your way to restoring time!


This is the first time I made a game. I apologize if there are mistakes.

Made with RPG Maker VX Ace.