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Hi again, Stella! Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, R:TU will be put on hold for now. However, I still have plans to return to it and add more polish in the future. Sorry about this!

Yes! You keep your health and chin up, SweetChiel! Will be rooting for ya!!

Stellar writing, really felt like I was watching a movie and kept me tense all the way! Well done!

Stunning art, pretty UI and an intriguing story! Excited to see Cynthia's past and Kaz and Sclow's relationship with her! Keep up the great work!! ^^

Hiya, thank you so much for playing! I'm sure Azure-senpai will be so happy to hear that :D

Cute and wholesome visual novel that has a nice message about friendship and taking your time to get to know someone. The classroom shenanigans are hilarious XD

Ahh thank you, MiMo! The stream was super fun and thank you for letting me tune in too!

对不起,现在还没有 :')

Hiya, Ony_br! Thank you for playing Apricity! Eheh I love them too, I always try to give NPCs some personality ^^

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Hello again Ony_br! Thanks for reading! 

Ehe, yeah I wrote this at a time when 'queer' is synonym to 'weird'. No, I did not use voice to text, my English then was just horrible (wrote this like 5 years ago) XD

*ahem* oho *cough* you are extremely perceptive. Ok just a secret between you and me (and to whoever else is reading this comment)... you are absolutely correct about Gaia and the world of BB being the same. Although not canon in any of my games, Barley Island (the island in the BB series) was originally planned to be the "remnants of Gaia" after what happened at the end of this novel. But for now... It shall remain a secret ;)

Siena should be dead at the time of this novel, hehe, since technically Synneah's grandpa was Reagan.

Yep, it does have some plot holes and numerous grammatical mistakes- nobody else proof-read it so... Anyway, hope you liked the book nonetheless, and thanks for leaving a comment once again, really brightened my day! ^^

Amazing work!! Loved the writing, UI, and the animated background is so pretty!

Hiya, thank you so much for playing and we're glad you enjoyed it~

Hi there, I'm so sorry to hear that it doesn't work on your phone. Unfortunately, the game uses a lot of resources and is not optimised for web, so I'm afraid that I don't have any plans to release the Web version anytime soon. Thanks for your understanding!

Thank you so much for playing, Heiden! And glad you enjoyed the game :D

Yeah!! Hope you enjoy~

Hehe okay, and have fun~ warning that TCC is my first VN so art and writing are super flaky 

Hi again, Ony_br, thanks for playing C:DoD and leaving a comment! Definitely enjoyed reading your live reactions. Agreed that most people don't see the effort behind people's talents, and I hope your hard work pays off in the end :)

Haha, yeah, actually the name 'Revan' comes from one of my other visual novels, The Clock Chronicle, a prince in the kingdom of Lestyr. Revan's cameo in TPPM is just because I was too lazy to make another sprite :'D

I really should correct that Boss fight- make it obvious that you can't defeat him or make him actually defeat-able (I think the reason why he doesn't attack after some time is because the MP I assigned to him ran out T_T). And thanks for reporting the Chivalry bug- I didn't even realise you can use it outside battles.

Thanks for playing ^^

Hi there, morgs! Thanks for playing!

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Haha, thanks for the consideration! But honestly I enjoy reading your comments in any format, so feel free to write according to your mood and preferences! I notice that many people write in terms of their stream of consciousness, so if you usually write like that then feel free! The comment section is for you to express yourself, after all!

Oh yes, and hope you enjoy the Crysmalia series ^^

Hi again! Thanks for playing Save You, and I’m glad the message I put in this VN came through!

The part about Erven being a weeb— I guess you can interpret it that way, but the truth is that the free-to-use BG I found just happened to have anime posters in them, haha.

Anyway, glad the VN resonated with you and thanks for leaving a comment! 

Haha, thanks for playing! 


And yeah, you’re right! I think it’s cuz it’s fairly simple to draw a wall for the background XD


Hi again! Thanks for playing! This was an experimental game so do forgive the writing, I don't think I proofread it enough. Thanks for writing the corrections I should make, though I don't think I'll update this game- well at least not in the near future. 

Ahh Trace and Seth are parallel of each others in some way I guess. Ooh, a fellow memer and swimmer! And wow, intellectual olympics? That's so cool! 

There is actually a link between Redemption Zone and BB, which I'll hopefully address in my next games, but I can't tell you because of spoilers! I can say that the choices you chose, though, is the "canon" choice.

Anyway, thanks again for playing! ^^

Hahaha, yeah, she did a stellar job in translating all my nonsensical meme references and puns :'D

Haha, thanks for playing ^^ poyo


Hello, sorry to hear that you have that issue! Can you provide us with more details? And what version of android are you using?

Thank you so much for playing! Glad to know you enjoyed it!

HAHAHHAHAH I knew this day would come sooner or later. My past crimes are finally catching up to me :D

TPPM was one of my first few VNs and back then I was super stupid and didn’t realise Renpy had a delete persistent data function lol. Since I was working by myself and THOUGHT nobody would see the script and comments, I just whacked comments for myself which I never deleted cuz I want to leave them for players like you… Yeah, you’re welcome ;)

Anyway, thanks for playing TPPM! If I make an update, I miiiight just hide the scripts, so enjoy it while you can ;)

Thank you for playing and for all your support! ><

Hiya, thank you for playing Apricity and for recording your playthrough! I'll watch it soon! And glad you enjoyed the game ^^

Hi there! Thanks for playing OFAF and leaving a comment! Glad to know you enjoyed the story and banter, and YAY a fellow poet, I see :)

As for fanart, feel free to tag me on twitter or Instagram. Thanks for playing the game once again!

I love this game so much, the problems that the MC faces is very realistic and shows the struggles and difficult decisions that people have to make when entering the game industry. Personally, I relate to the MC a lot and you depicted her struggles and inner conflicts so well. The game itself holds a beautiful message about chasing your dreams in the game development industry, but at the same time it warns that the journey is not all sunshine and rainbows. Thank you for creating this game. I am definitely looking forward to the full version!

yayyy! :D

aaa thank you so much :'D

yay! I'm excited too! ^^

Hiya, byebyetears, thank you so much for playing C:DoD! It makes me happy to know that it helped you through tough days.  Yeah, I too wish I had made more story arcs for each character, the story seemed a bit rushed- maybe I'll make an expansion somewhere in the future, hehe. Thanks for your input, I also think that I should've indicated that it was an "invincible boss", I think that confused a lot of players, though some players actually manage to defeat him haha. Anyway, thank you for playing the game and hope your days treat you better ^^

Hi there, thank you for playing! ^^

Oh no, my deepest condolences, SweetChiel... I know how painful it is to lose a faithful companion too, so take your time to recover and surround yourself with things that make you happy :)

I actually played this gem a few years ago and came back to get a little laughter, but I FORGOT HOW FUNNY THIS VN ACTUALLY IS AND HOW MUCH I LOVE CRACK VNs. It truly made my day, 11111/10, absolutely phenomenal. We need more VNs like this.