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Take care, SweetChiel! Yes, you should sleep early and eat lots of healthy food!!

Why is the hog... not romance-able???

JK JK! I enjoyed playing this a lot! There is not a single stale moment in the game, and Fia is such a snarky heroine! I love her and Pig. The writing is flawless, the characters are unique, and the art is so gorgeous and fits the overall mood and setting. I'm a fan of yours now after playing this and Kill the Prince! I'll look forward to your next games!

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Yes, I know that once again I am late to the party but I binge-played ReSet episodes 1-3 this past week and I just want to say that I love LOVE LOVE it!  I am a huge fan of you and your works now (thanks to Kokoro who recommended it to me)! Your art and writing improved so much compared to Doppelgänger, and ahhh ReSet has a perfect combination of mystery, thriller, supernatural, comedy and romance! The plot was interesting, unpredictable, and exhilarating! The endings were crafted very well, and characters were soooo lovable- I find myself getting more and more attached to every single one of them as the story progresses. I also enjoy the references to Doppelgänger and the lore you created in your world. It's nostalgic and touching to see the characters all grown up in ReSet (and ohmygosh older Neo's collarbone- I have been obsessing over it for so long haha).  The Ace Attorney-like gameplay and jRPG battles are also a unique touch to the game, making it more immersive and fun! Anyway, sorry for the long-ass comment, but I just want to say that I enjoyed ReSet so much. Good luck for the development of Fantasia, and if you need proofreaders, I'll be more than happy to volunteer! Cheers!

Ah, I regret to inform you that I do not know. My teacher gave us this question but none of us could solve it, and he didn't even give the answer so it shall remain a mystery... 

I love the writing style of this VN, as well as the immersive storyline and the vast array of choices. Kudos to the writer(s) and can't wait for the next episode!

Yep, spending time with the cats or deciding to read Evan's magazine would bring you to the 'catastrophe' ending as you begin to share the same thoughts as the Cat man. Glad you got the happy ending, and thank you for playing!

Oof it seems like you had a rough week :( Yeah, if you have an old mac it heats up very easily- the battery died on me a few times (probably because I overcharged but yeah, mac can be sensitive). And yeahhh it's hot here too, I think it's just summer saying yo it's ur boi again. June is coming and it's usually the hottest in the year. Anyway, hang in there, SweetChiel! You're doing great!

Ah yes, sock man. sock man is best boi. 

Also, I love this game! :)

I know I'm late to the party but oh my god i love this game so much it's the best thriller VN I have ever played! The plot twists were unexpected but totally welcomed! I always get "bad" endings whenever I play without the walkthrough, but all the endings were written beautifully. Also, Neo is best boi!

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Hi there, my team and I are planning to develop a point and click adventure / educational math game set in a fantasy world with visual novel elements, called "Math Hatter" (tentatively non-commercial, similar to "Professor Layton" games). It's still far behind in terms of development, but if you're interested to compose / provide background music for us, you can contact me via discord as I think your music fits well with our theme!

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Hello Sun R! Really sorry about the errors. I think I'll hide the android files for now because they seem to be full of bugs, but I shall fix it soon. The mac / windows version seem to have none of these issues, though, so you might want to download that instead. I apologise once again for the bugs and thank you so much for playing and for informing me about these errors.

Hi Mikey! Thanks for leaving a review and for playing TCC! Sorry for the grammatical mistakes once again. It's always great to hear your live reactions and comments in the videos! They really mean a lot to indie developers like me ^^

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Ah sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much for playing, NerdyChara! ^^

Yes I played "Muted" and wahaha was it unique! I didn't know what I got myself into and was super confused initially- I also got all "bad ends" first before the "true end" lol. I wonder what the potato and lemons are for...? HmmmMmm

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I'm sure more players are waiting for you to return! We're all huge fans of your world and its lore ^^ Good luck with future development, we'll be rooting for you!

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Omg hello you're back! Welcome back! (Been waiting for your return ever since MoLR lol) This looks awesome, and your art looks as stunning as always (if not better)! Will definitely give it a try!

Yes, thank you so much for your encouragement! I think teaching mathematics is something that developers find hard to incorporate into games, so I guess I'll take on the challenge... and haha, rare to see a math enthusiast here! Anyway, thank you again for playing "Save You" and for leaving a comment!

Hello arceus444, thank you so much for playing this game! I'm glad you enjoyed the element of realism in it- I was initially nervous about releasing a game with many depressing contents as it was quite personal to me, but I'm glad to hear that it resonates with players. I am working on a variety of projects at the moment. One of them includes helping Tofu Sheet Visual's NaNoRenO 2021 entry titled "Love is Blind (?)" (to be released soon), and I am (or should be) working on Revelations: The Unmarked (which I have been putting off for far too long). I also plan to make an educational math game (long-term) and is also currently working part-time in an educational board game company. Anyway, if you liked "Save You", perhaps you'll like Piece by Piece- it has similar vibes. Sorry for the long comment, haha. You can read further game updates on my twitter or patreon page! Thanks for playing once again!

Thank you for playing it and taking the time to create a video! 

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Omg hii! Now that you mention it, I should update the trivia book and add on more trivias about Lynne and Akila now that their route and pasts are revealed. I'll do that in a while!

Excited to work with you too hehe~

Omg finally the wedding date is approaching closer and closer aaaaa I'm so happy for you! Wedding must be a real hassle but it's going to be worth it for you and your partner! Semangat!! ><

This is a lovely visual novel! I love the art, especially the varying emotions the artist put into the diary entries. I'm still curious about what happened to Selene though! Keep up the great work!

Nice puns lmao and thank you for the comment! It really makes my day :)

Hi NerdyChara! Thanks for your kind comment! (But haha "good puns"? Are you sure?)

OMG that's great news! Congrats and all the best for the future you'll weave together!

Hi! Thank you for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^^

Thank you so much for playing and am glad you enjoyed it! ^^

Hiya, thank you so much for playing and commenting! Yes, this VN is a bit different than the ones I usually make and contains lots of angst, but glad you enjoyed it nonetheless!

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Hello! New player here! I've played Romeo and Richard's route, and I'm loving it so far! Just here to report a sprite mistake in Kadin's route:

At this point, the sprite should be Kadin instead of Katrina. It's just a minor mistake though. And one thing I love about this game is the writing style- it's very fun and engaging! Good luck on your future games!



Hi! Thank you for your comment! Yes, I guess there's not much interaction going on. My aim was just to tell a story. 

Since I used Ren'Py, the characters per second (cps) can be changed in the options.rpy screen. I'm not sure about the code behind it though.

I hope that helps? Cheers!

Merry Christmas, SweetChiel! Wishing you all the best for next year and do enjoy your new year! It's good to take a break once in a while to get the creative juice flowing!

Uploaded! (Hopefully it works 'cause I can't test it.)


I'm assuming that you're having a problem finding where to go right after Siena and co. split up in the sewers? If that's so, just head right to where Onyx is currently (image below). It's not very apparent, but it actually leads you to another map with waterfalls, and if you keep heading forward, you should find a lever...

I hope that gives you a hint? Do tell me if I misunderstood the question, and thank you for playing! 

Ah no, sorry. I get what you mean now. The scene where that happens should be in the middle of the battle where only Siena and Ning Jun fights against Piero. If you haven't reached this scene yet, then that means you have to continue battling until Erika and Kain are defeated (yes, you cannot win this battle!) Once you lose, Siena and Ning Jun will come to play. So sorry for the confusion and (unnecessary) spoilers!

Hi there! Thank you for playing! Um, it's the fight in the Sieger Tribe, is it? *SPOILER ALERT* Did you come across the scene where Ning Jun nullified Piero's crystal? If you did, then yes, it should you should keep on attacking him until he is defeated. (In my play through there's nothing wrong but if the fight keeps dragging on, do report again)

Oh my gosh that must have been so horrifying. I've experienced something similar too, and man, data recovery is expensive. But hopefully your laptop could be fixed and you won't lose the files you have. 

Hi, I'm really sorry about that. There must have been some pronoun mistakes I overlooked. I will correct them as soon as possible and update the game, thank you for reporting!

Ahh I see, so sorry for the mistake. Good luck nevertheless!!

Congrats on your progress! Thank you so much for continuing this VN, btw! It's definitely not an easy feat to continue developing a free, highly-polished VN with strong world-building and awesome art such as Guilty Parade, but hang in there and know that your fans will be rooting for you guys!

Oh my god this demo was amazing! The writing was fabulous and Rai is so cute! Too bad we didn't see Vergil though. Will be looking forward to the release! Keep up the amazing work!