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Hello, thank you for suggesting this game, it was quite interesting and fun, specially capturing the chickens and the desert puzzle, although I didn't quite get what was happening most of the time, maybe it was the translation...

I think this is a big step up from when I played Milo's curse, it seems to be a more complete adventure, even if I didn't get the true/good ending.

Keep the good work!

After reading your comment I went back and checked, I usually play the games on the Itchio desktop app, tried it on regular web browser and the music does work, and it's amazing, exactly what I expected it to sound, sorry should have checked that before.

Interesting game, very fun and HARD no doubt about it, it is not impossible to beat by any means (Even if I failed to finish it in my limited time with it) which is good because games with obnoxious difficulty are not fun.

The game physics are solid, it takes a little bit to get accustomed but definitely work, jumping, attacking, using the trampoline and the rope feels very NES like and intuitive, although the knife guy has a hard time landing a attack, maybe give him a sword or spear haha.

the looks or this game are nice, pixelated but not over-simplified, the boss looks specially cool; aside from that I would love to see more upgrades to the weapons, I am guessing they work similar to how we have Holy Water [I] [II] [III] in Castlevania games, that appears to be appropriate for this kind of game.

I understand the lack of music because this is a demo version but I am sure this game would benefit from a hype song to start the adventure. And also consider making the try again screen skippable so the player can die faster.

Keep the good work!

Nice funny and slightly creepy RPGmaker game, I did not finished it cuz of time constraints but the little minigames, the lore notes and the decisions that you can make that may or may not affect the story make for a really fun time.

The little lore notes are enjoyable and not too long they get boring while also describing some nice details of the world, And the fact we have what it seems to be a mute main character is also really interesting.

I think maybe using shift to skip text is not the best idea since I found myself skipping text by mistake when sprinting. And I also think saving could be improved since is slightly inconvenient.

Overall a solid experience, keep the good work!

An interesting exercise on spookyness, I like how you have to get creative to get to the goal, I found that on image, the gameover I think is missing.

Great prototype, i do like the gameplay love tho, i feel the box/altar moving can be improved, i do see the potential of this game in the long run with a bunch of cool and fun updates like traps, enemies and all sort of necromancin nonesense.

As I mentioned on the video a little bit of lore on our main character and quest would go a long way.

I would say really good job on your first non VN game, keep the good work!

A really cute and meaningful game, I feel everyone can get a really unique experience from this depending on their story with moving.

I loved the fact that you can get multiple endings with different CG's depending on your choices, it makes it a more personalized experience. And specially "That" ending you get by doing a very particular thing.

I loved the different music for each stage but it seems to stop after a while, and also I found if you put and take objects some spaces get blocked. This is a 48 hour game after all, and a really good one, so I don't mind.

Keep the good work!

Great horror anthology game, I really liked the variety on tales on this one, wish there was more like this out there!

Really cool GameBoy experience, as well as a Hololive fangame, the background art is beautiful, I didn't get much of what was happening cuz of the text limitations of the game boy but the story seems interesting enough and looks like it's planting the seeds of something bigger.

It's always fun and heartwarming to see how much effort hololive fans put in their games, this is a lovely project.

Keep the good work!

Even for a demo I think this is a little too short, I could barely get a feel of what the game is like.

It looks creepy indeed. the monsters are terrifying and it looks like it's probably gonna be a lot of spooky fun once finished; I also think your inspiration for the game is really neat and bound to give some unique feeling to this experience.

Keep the good work!

Really interesting game and story, it has some great moments that are really unexpected.

The illustrations are nice and cute and the characters are really interesting (I specially liked the little demon girl), I love the diametrically opposite stance of both characters in regard to their situation and the moral implications of their actions to "succeed".

It seems to have a much deeper story on store for the next parts that will help to solve some of the mysteries about the train demons and the past of our protagonist, will be waiting for that.

Keep the good work!

Very interesting game, everything except repeating the daily routine (Although I guess that is the point) is really fun and well done, maybe an option to skip it/fast forward it would be nice.

I am not a big fan of jumpscares but this game has some good ones and also the other kind of horror that is really unsettling to experience, I really enjoyed reading the stories on the books, I don't think anyone would like to skip that, except maybe on a second play trough.

I am surprised that, with this being your first game, you already nailed so much of what makes a good RPGMAKER horror experience, including how to pace the story, a nice cliffhanger for a demo and a good antagonist, Naiko is really enigmatic and Timmy (In hand form) is somehow charming.

I would love to see more of those unsettling memories, some enemies and maybe some puzzles on the full game, it would be interesting.

I noticed a few typos here and there but it is understandable with this being your first game and a demo, I know other things take priority during the learning experience and that's totally OK, it was nothing immersion breaking.

Anyway. I'll be waiting for the full release, keep the good work!

Interesting VN, but is too short to really get anything out of it, on the technical aspect it looks nice, it has some really cool camera effects and transitions, and the story seems to be interesting, but I can really tell from just a few paragraphs. Hope to see something more fleshed out next time.

keep the good work!

After playing  a few Melancholy Marionette games, I go in expecting a 10/10 game, but this time, somehow, someway it was a 11/10 game! This is now my favorite MM game!

I will try not to write hundred paragraphs about how good this game is, just know it looks amazing, like truly, the backgrounds really tell a story on their own, I specially loved THAT transition scene, you know which one! the characters are cute as always but also have a lot of personality, that is also brought to life by the always amazing voice actors. (My favorite is Aurora! <3)

I really appreciate all the little animations here and there, specially that one when you close the game, lovely.

The music perfectly fits with the scenes, specially the spooky disturbing ones. I like how in this story there is no clear good or bad and the reader is free to decide the meaning of what is going on (if it has any other than life is suffering) I did replay the game a few times on my own to get the full experience and it only gets better!

As always an absolute banger of a game, you are only getting better with each one and I can't wait to play more games with Damme and Morgen!

Keep the good work but also keep yourself healthy!

Hello, I usually add gameplay footage to my comments but this time it won't be possible, I was playing and recording this game when I had some problems and had to stop.

To be more specific, my CPU was under a huge load and was overheating and my UPS was beeping (signaling it was consuming too much energy), this happened when the game transitioned into the Visual Novel section after the mirror, I tried it a few times to make sure it was the game and not my PC and it's indeed the game, and only after that part (I also tried other games that are heavier and the CPU was good).

My CPU is the Ryzen 5 5600X, I see other people played the game just fine so it may be specific to me, I also use the Itchio desktop app, I think it was worth a shot letting you know in case you wanna look into it.

What I did managed to play of the game was really good, the concept as well as the story and the characters.

Keep the good work!

A psycho-cosmic experience ALRIGHT, I played only one ending (I think) but the whole experience is very surreal, as intended, definitely the high point of the game is the music, very good and really fitting for the setting.although the graphic style is also worth mentioning, very pixeled and blurry, like an image from a distant planet.

The whole thing is very confusing but it really gets your mind going on what is really happening.

Keep the good work!

This is truly one of the most original, spooky and entertaining games I have played in a while, it is easy to nail one of those things but the three in the same game? sign me in for more JPEG! Actually I don't remember playing something quite like this ever.

It took a while for my brain to kick in and start understanding the amazing puzzle minigames but once I did it was fun and spooks across the board, the lore pieces after every game and the new game + really gives this game much more meaning than just a bag of spooky games, it is quite interesting actually.

Another thing worth mentioning is the sound design and the purposefully low definition of the game, it makes for a unique and really good atmosphere.

Also my brain is thankful for the hints after failing the puzzle a couple of times.

Keep the good work!

A perfect VN for this Halloween season, All the characters are really cute (My favorite is the blue monster) and it has some interesting background art to keep things spooky, as well as a nice mystery to solve that, without spoiling anything, has a few nice twists to it.

It may be just me but I feel the music does not really go that well with the game but is understandable given this is a free indie game made for a Gamejam, and it's definitely better than no music at all.

Also the story although interesting gets a little bit...confusing? like there is a lot of things happening at the same time? it may just be me being dumb, please don't mind me. It is still a pretty solid VN with a good ending.

Keep the good work!

I really enjoyed this visual Novel, it has nice art, good sound design and voice acting and even quick time events for some fun gameplay, but what really really REALLY surprised me in a good way was the story.

I been playing VNs for a long time now, and I was under the impression that I couldn't be surprised anymore but OH BOY was I wrong, I am not gonna spoil anything here and to anyone reading this, do yourself a favor and play this amazing game!

Such a good mystery story with a bunch of plotwists and little clues on all places.

Keep the good work!

There is a lot to say about this game, and it's all in a positive light, first of all, is always good to see how creative people can get with RPGMAKER.

This game is really well put together, the graphics, the masterful sound design, the really well developed characters in a very realistic and scary (in more than one way) scenario of the story, everything blends well together to make for an uneasy (in a good way) experience.

The story of the game, it's really great, gives me 2000s movie vibes, and that's something I love, there is a lot of angles to the main character predicaments and you always have something looming over your shoulder as you play, never knowing who to trust, truly magnificent.

This combined with the multiple choices we have to make, either in quick succession for an exiting gameplay or the slow more meaningful ones we have to think trough while fearing the worst case scenario really round up the experience.

Even dealing with serious topics this game is not pretentious or patronizing at all, and that's also something that is really hard to nail.

Keep the good work!

Nice fangame! hope more people find this and play it, running from real life is really hard, thankfully we have the support of our precious Hololive talents!

A visual Novel with great story telling, super cute art and stellar Voice acting! without spoiling anything, it is a really nice story that plays with your expectations in a mild manner, I was expecting spooks but got a slice of life supernatural romantic comedy, good enough!

I found a little bug or something where the game closes itself at the end of a chapter, and I would have like a little more of interaction like choices and stuff, but that's just a personal preference on VN, this is still a great and very cinematic Visual novel, I think the introduction specially is very solid, you are a great team!

Keep the good work!

This is a really, really REALLY good GB-like game, the gameplay is amazing, I was expecting a very basic "camera to see things that are not there" mechanic just based on the title and premise; What I got instead was a fullblown game with different mechanics, a nice variety of music, beautiful array of maps and enemies.

I didn't get to finish the game because I got stuck in different places a lot (maybe that's something you want to take a look at) and sadly the time I can dedicate to each indie game is limited, even to great ones like this, but I did love every single second, from discovering the mechanics, to the fun boss battles and the little bits of lore scattered around the mysterious and confusing landscape.

Keep the good work!

Really interesting game, idk what internet mystery this is part of but I am sure it is really interesting.

The game has this huge despair, unsettling and hopeless vibe all around with a glimmer of hope, it really makes you think about the things that are happening, even those you don't get to see directly.

As a game I think is really fun, I loved the third person part and how the environment changes little by little regardless of if the player notices or not.

I think it would be nice to have a sign with the controls in game as a little tutorial because it may get overwhelming, also cooking feels a little like a shore, even if it has big meaning in the lore.

This is just my opinion, pay it no mind, I think this is a really fun and interesting game.

Keep the good work!

Amazing work as always, really nice world building, solid storytelling and beautiful CG's, I was unsure about the quick time events but it turned out really fun, I also enjoyed the little comedic and romantic breaks  between being mauled to dead for taking the wrong turn!

It ended so suddenly tho...I really wanted to see more of this characters and the adventure ahead, but I'll wait patiently because it was so good, keep the good work!

PS: Never getting tired of the Gidget references!

*Spoiler free review*

Great mysterious visual novel, love how we can make dozens of choices, it really feels like a conversation, the characters are straightforward and very fitting of the setting that it's on itself, really interesting.

I am personally not a big fan of the amnesic main character BUT it definitely works when you are a mysterious ethereal being instead of Jerry from human resources.

*slight spoilers review?*

Love the background and monsters design, visually and personality wise, it goes from confusion to fear real quick when they try to get you because you are lost, definitely a welcomed new flavor of spooks for this season.

The music is also on point, specially for those "Oh, I just F up right?" moments.

*Definitely spoilery review*

Keep the good work!


Favorite character?

-The siren

favorite ending?



-Can I answer with another question?

Another awesome game by Melancholy Marionette, this time a really mysterious mystery!  Man the plotwists on this one are really good, had me guessing the whole time. thankfully it also packs some nice humor to light things a little bit.

The art is top tier as usual and although I wasn't sure about the voice acting at first, it is a nice cast that fits the characters really well.

Solid 5/5 stars, it also has some nice credits and cool extras!

Keep the good work!

I am surprised someone managed to make such a cute dress up game in RPGmaker, and in one afternoon only?! amazing, the style is really cute and it works like a charm, really interesting what some folks make with a RPG focused tool.

Keep the good work!

Cute little platformer game I like that you get infinite lives so you can mess up as many times as necessary, and the little conversations with the NPC's.

Keep the good work!

This is how RPGmaker horror games are supposed to be! Looks amazing, nice story with developed characters, good mechanics and a lot of real tension and not just screamers.

I only found a couple of minor issues during my run but nothing game breaking at all, the puzzles are neat, the timed aspect really puts you on your toes and the story unfold at a nice peace.

Keep the good work!

I am glad people still remembers and cherish るる, just looking at something related to her makes me happy and sad at the same time...This a simple game, but it is really cute and entertaining , the art, as well as the bgm selected fit nicely.

Keep the good work!

Never have I ever played a game this short with such a big revelation at the end that changes everything; pretty solid for a game made in one weekend, would have love some futuristic and mysterious music to set the tone of the story.

Keep the good work!

Really interesting demo, this game is definitely weird in a good way, the premise although not completely defined, is interesting, the mechanics are there, there is definitely a surprise waiting in some corners and even tho the story goes everywhere is easy to follow and has some deep moments (except for the end that is gonna haunt my free thinking time for weeks).

Aside from the obvious short comings the game has because, well, it's a demo and it's obviously not finished, the only problem with this game is that is too short! I will be waiting for the full version.

Keep the good work!

Nice little arcade game, it has a nice tutorial and it plays as intended.

You mention is your first time making game music, I for one really enjoyed it, goes really well with the game aesthetic and doesn't feel repetitive, or at least not for the amount of time I played.

For some reason I feel this would be a really cool two player game like PVP, you have to choose if you waste your fireballs on illuminating to find a path or trying to kill the other player.

Keep the good work!

Solid Visual Novel with a lovable cast and an interesting plot, excellent work done all around, from the character design, to the backgrounds, music, character banter, all really good. I also loved the fact that there is a bunch of choices to make and a nice amount of cute CG's

Tsuki and Carlos are the best.

Although the game has a lot, and I mean A LOT of funny moments I felt eventually it started dragging just a little bit repeating the same formula, I feel it could have been more concise but nothing too bad really, I feel it boils down to my own personal preference and the fact that I was reading out loud, there was a moment I was done with reading but I really wanted to know what happened next, you may say I didn't give up on me...

I feel I am a little outside the age range that this game was intended for but I still enjoyed it a lot. Keep the good work!

Hello, it took me a while but I had the chance to play it again, I loved that the bug was fixed so fast and the funny reference in game.

Now that I could properly play it I can confidently say it is a really fun game, I even managed to do things a little different and it was surprising how many different interactions you can do with the momos.

I decided to fight an enemy I was advised not to which resulted in high levels of fun and frustration and also a very long video, Although I didn't finish the game in the video I did finish it by myself later and I truly recommend anyone reading this to play this game.

Once again, keep the good work!

Amazing Visual novel, I can't believe it was done in just a month, I love the amount of choices and different scenarios we get to choose from, and all the characters and interactions we get.

This game is also really well written, the story really got to me at some point, it is truly an interesting setting and even tho is a VN it has some cool minigames to enjoy!

I think this is a really well rounded game that everyone should try, keep the good work!

Interesting RPG maker game, the story and characters seem to be interesting and it has a really good main menu screen.

Sadly it has too much typos/Grammar mistakes that are hard to overlook and diminish the plot a little, I personally feel it is too slow in some parts and there is also that black screen bug at the end that I didn't read until I was already finished playing (But that was my fault, I guess).

It is nice that it has multiple endings and the scenes for saving your friends with a timer are really good, feels like playing a movie sometimes.

Keep the good work!

Super cute game about a cat doing it's very best to save a pair of kids from their grim candy-based fate.

This game really do feel like reading a kids book (that's a good thing) the introduction feels really nice and high quality, as well as the mechanics of jumping and witch evading.

I still don't trust that lantern completely...

Keep the good work!

Please make sure to play the game by yourself first before watching the video, this game is really good and it's better to experience it on your own first!

I love this puzzle game, the vibe is amazing, reminds me of old escape room games I used to play on websites when I was young. Just much more refined.

The puzzles are hard, in fact I had to use the clues at least once because my brain was too weak to handle them, but they are in fact creative, fun, and rewarding when you figure them out by yourself.

I'll be waiting for Her Trees 2, keep the good work!