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At first I was a little unimpressed thinking it was just a simple platformer that lacked a proper tutorial; then I started thinking it was a fun platformer with a creepy aesthetic and good visuals...and then..IT HAPPENED.

When this game gets going BOY it gets going, it looks good, it sounds even better, and it plays nicely once you get used to the controls (that I think can be improved a bit) I don't remember when was the last time I had so much fun with a platformer game, let alone a one that is also a horror game.

I think maybe a proper tutorial, some lore here and there an some mechanics and you can have a solid game that everyone would love, you already have a solid base here.

Great job! I for one would love a continuation of this game or another one with similar mechanics and style.

Keep up the good work!

A little late for this one haha, but it was a lot of fun playing, the game is very cute as usual and the characters are endearing, a very cozy Halloween experience even off season.

The fact that you actually get to see the room you decorated is very nice and it really rewards the player for playing, all the endings also add a nice chunk of replayability; It is always nice to see a VN made in RPGmaker.

I'll patiently wait for Christmas shopping Tour!

Keep up the good work!

Super cool game, love how it looks, excellent use of the 1-bit style, the animations look really smooth and the gameplay is actually a very entertaining.

Extra points for the poem-rhyme style it was a lot of fun to read while playing; My only issue is that dying was a little bit annoying since I could not find a way to save the game...

I found a bug in the intro scene when you accidentally move the game gets stuck since the character can't follow the route and I feel the ending was a bit rushed (AKA I wanted more because I was having a lot of fun!) but given this is a Jam game it is understandable, even with all this considered, it is a very pleasant experience.

Keep up the good work!

Gave the game a go, the surreal style of the game looks great and it appears to have an interesting story to go with it, sadly the game is still really rough around the edges and it feels like it was barely play tested.

I don't see other games on your page so I'll assume this is your first game, and if that is the case, great job! this is REALLY good for a first try; Still I have to mention that the game has a LOT of typos and grammar mistakes that make following the story a challenge.

I also found a bug that happens to a lot of RPGmaker games in HTML5 when it fails to read an asset, in this case a sound file, being able to phase trough objects that you are not supposed to, grabbing infinite keys, the teddy bear disappearing even after not grabbing it, events repeating themselves, the VHS/blurry filter not appearing depending on how you enter the scene etc

I also would recommend putting some actual description and screenshots on the itchio page, that would sure help in people giving it a try since the game is very visually striking I am sure a lot of people will be interested in trying it.

This comment is not mean to discourage you, I see a lot of potential in this game and in your work as a developer and I would love to see what else can you make with a little more practice and time!

Keep up the good work!

This game is absolutely amazing, I had fun from start to finish, the graphics and art style as a whole are 10/10, the music fits so well, the controls are responsive and the Gameplay is extremely fun for how simple it is. Consider me a fan of this project.

I liked the story, the game has some great inspirations and it makes them more than justice both in lore and character design.

My only suggestion would be to maybe slow down the text a little bit since the character conversation it's easy to miss.

Keep up the good work!

A really short and good looking space shooter with some interesting mechanics, I am  definitely a fan of the monster design and the "sanity" mechanic, maybe not so much of the "scary" dog picture flashing in my face and the typos, I understand it is a Gamejam game but there is so little text in the game as well as on the itchio page that somany grammar mistakes are hard to look over; The ending was also a head-scratcher for sure.

Keep up the good work!

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The clock may not have hands but Naiko's room sure do because this game packs a punch, first of all I have to start with the most impressive part, this game looks gorgeous, I was losing my mind every little animated cutscene, they add so much more value to the whole game and this is now my standard for RPGmaker horror games, still images are not enough anymore! (jk).

The music was good and more importantly it was properly used, I like when reading or talking the music gets lower, that is very nice immersion trick specially when using headphones.

The story is much more ironed and focused, and therefore enjoyable, I can sense some inspiration from other games and media that feel pretty original and well implemented, I very much like the changes made from the demo, this is the superior version (Although I still like the extra bits of the first one) the maps are much more detailed and are easy to navigate without looking dull. The tea minigame was a nice surprise and it's very fun, as well as the bring snacks quest, it is nice to see a dream world with other people living their own lives (dreams?) for a change.

Finally, the characters have so much more...character, I like Naiko even more, and Timmy too, Ashley is more much fleshed out (And I hate her!) as well as the whole world, can't wait for the rest of the story to come out; I would comment more about the story but I don't want to spoil people.

Now, for the not-so perfect parts, the game has some typos and grammar mistakes that are not big deal but are worth mentioning, I found at least 3 invisible walls (probably events) that blocked paths and the only bug I found was the game crashing while I tried to save at school. literally the worse time for a crash to happen.

I also wanted to mention the school chase scene that prevented me from finishing the game on video (I plan to finish it later when I get the time) I feel like that was close to the end and maybe because of that less polished but the fact that the player doesn't get a save prompt before and/or en between each is mortifying, I am all in for challenges and hard chase scenes but that feels more like a critical game design error, what if people have to stop playing for whatever reason? you don't even get to pause the game during the scene.

I could go longer about the chase itself having some design problems but this comment is already too long and I also made a video.

Overall this game is very enjoyable, even with those flaws and I say you should feel very proud of what you accomplished, this is a product of very high quality and I can't wait to see what's next on Naiko's room.


Update: I finished the game, I liked the rest of the lore on the girls and I am glad the ending from the demo is still there, I liked it a lot, the game still crashed one time for some reason (Probably because I am too good at games) I still feel the chase scene is kinda wonky but definitely can be completed when you are not in a rush.

The something-pedia entries are good back lore, I am personally not a big fan of that kind of stories (Mandella catalogue and SCP comes to mind) but the cosmic entities. the bigger-than-us universe and all that is something I love to see, what was the illustrations and the format of the book are of course very well done. And the pills scene was a  nice surprise, I am glad I came back to finish the game.

Keep up the good work!

Very cool dungeon crawler project, the game looks and sounds amazing, the monster design is cool and it really feels like a space adventure, part mystery part creepy.

I had so much fun and I understand this is a gamejam project but I encountered a handful of issues, the downloadable version is just broken and unplayable (at least for me).

The webGL version worked just fine until the end, I am not sure if I missed something gameplay wise or what but reaching what I believe is the boss does nothing and I get stuck, because of this I could not finish the game and honestly made for a terrible end for what was a very enjoyable experience.

I am still giving the game a good rating because everything else was just amazing and I believe most of the problems I had were caused by the time constraint gamejams usually have.

Hopefully you guys fix the issues so more people can enjoy this neat space horror experience.

Keep up the good work!

A very fun and creative puzzle game, great use of the Gameboy limitations as well as the jam theme; the difficulty curve of the game is perfect and it never becomes too frustrating, instead finishing a level after being stuck feels rewarding.

Also contains an amazing ending 10/10.

Keep up the good work!

Oh how the tables have turned haha, thank you so much for playing the game and for leaving a comment.

I did tried my best with this game but I did not have enough time to properly work on it and it seems it's been so long since I actually developed a game that I forgot how to do  a lot of things (which just gives me a lot more respect for other devs) This games was originally 6 stories long not counting the main one, I had to scrap most of it and the only original story that remains is #3 all the other ones were kinda rushed in the last 2 days before Halloween.

I completely agree on the mapping/graphics I spend so much time trying to work with parallax and custom tiles that I had to discard; I am glad you liked the sprites since it was one of the only things I could actually work on for some amount of time.

The music was also done on the last day (last 3 hours actually), and I did reused one of the songs from the channel OST haha.

The stories...The first one ate most of my time but it was something I really wanted to include because it was a little bit personal even if it was not scary at all, it had more scary elements but I removed them because I felt I was making light of the situation and it felt bad somehow.

The second one was definitely SAW inspired  and it did had a lot of character deaths with CGs that I could not finish in time and ended up removing, along with all the interesting the story had to offer, there WAS an introductory scene for both characters before being locked up, this is perhaps the story I will give it's own game some time in the future.

The third story, it is also my favorite (There is a narrated version somewhere in my channel) and is one I been writing for years now it was part of a previous game I never finished  and I am happy I could finally tell it.

The fourth story....biggest mistake, It was my attempt at making the game a bit longer, originally each house took you to a different dimension to recover a candy but you could just refuse to go in, in the end a bully steals your candy and eats it with his friends and all of them turn into mutated monsters in pain right in front of your eyes (the "good" ending is skipping all the candy) but then again I had to scrap all of that and just make a long street for some reason, the VR game plotwist was some last second attempt at making sense of this mess.

In the end I did learned a lot from this and hopefully I can make a much better anthology next Halloween, for now I will try to learn how to properly map, work on tiles and all that stuff; Once again, thank you for taking your time to play it, it really means a lot.

The game looks and sounds amazing, the hands reaching out from the walls is actually unnerving and very well done, having no GUI/HUD really helps with the claustrophobia since all you see are the walls overall a very enjoyable GB experience.

My only suggestion would be to maybe let the player know in which floor they are/if they are progressing (Maybe in a similar way to the controls) because it's a little bit confusing. But not that bad since the game is short.

Sadly I did not find the gun...

Keep up the good work!

A lovely Halloween experience with a cute and totally not an obsessed stalker main character, the game is a short experience yes, but is full of Halloween happiness, I had so much fun, specially when kicking kids!

I am actually surprised this was made in RPGMaker it looks and plays really well.

Keep up the good work!

Gave it a try as promised, there is not a lot to it just yet but it looks promising, visually it looks as good as 1bit allows, I did like the main character and monster animations as well as the moving mountains backgrounds; The music and what I think is spatial audio was very well implemented and adds so much to the Gameplay, the inventory is another thing I did found was well done.

Another nice thing is offering the game in multiple languages.

Now, for suggestions I think there must be a better controls scheme, like switching X and C functions or going for something like WASD-JKL; the tutorial can definitely be improved and most important of all for a game like this, the lore needs to be interesting from the beginning, otherwise you may risk loosing people's interest.

Also I highly recommend gibing the player some control over fullscreen/windowed resolutions and sound levels.

Overall and for a DEMO version it looks promising and has very solid fundamentals.

Not gonna lie, this game got me a few times, and it got me good, it is nice to see a pure horror experience for a change; I have to mention the amazing art and how it elevates the game quality, I never had a problem with the look of your previous games at all, I am just saying this artist is talented! The main illustration here on itchio, the portraits and the monster feel on a whole new level in this game. I didn't know if I should be scared or amazed at them.




The story was also enjoyable, it took me a while (after the second Playtrough started) to piece it together but the radically different MC added a lot of fun, I do have to mention it feels more like a prologue to something than a standalone story, even with those amazing endings. Of course it is a Gamejam game so there is only so much that can be covered and I do appreciate the condensed enjoyable little story. I was a little hesitant to play more than one run but that's just because I am short on time lately and not really related to the game or it's quality.

The puzzles this time are enjoyable and not too hard although I feel they are a little disjointed from the story, I liked the references to dead authors but I am still confused about the moving roman number thingies, that was fun to play mechanically but I could not understand the on-story purpose.

Overall I think is a good turn of leaf and would not mind seeing more games like this at all, be it a sequel or a different story.

Keep up the good work!

Interesting short game, aesthetically pleasing, best use of a woodcock I have ever seen in a game.

Great concept and decent execution, the gameplay loop is fun enough although a little repetitive, like others commented more options and content will only make this game (or another similar one project) much better.

The RNG is good enough and dying doesn't feel that bad since progressing is fast and the random encounters keep the experience fresh for at least 4-6 playtroughs depending on how long you can last.

Lastly, I can appreciate this fresh take on a zombie apocalypse game and hope to see more of it in the future, very creative use of the RPGmaker engine.

Keep up the good work!

Amazing horror experience with an unique mechanic worthy of the name Homicipher, I had lots of fun, even more when I realized I could get romantic with the ghost boys, deciphering is hard and equally fun but definitely not needed to progress, somehow I managed to survive till the end since the game is so well made.

The art in this game is beautiful, it has some nice eerie backgrounds but the character illustrations definitely take the cake since they are both scary and attractive at the same time, Yatsunagi is definitely a very talented artist I will be admiring their work from now on.

Can't wait for the full version, I'll definitely will wish list the game on Steam and wait patiently.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you for recommending me this game, it was such a  pleasant experience, I can barely believe is a jam game, the game looks gorgeous, the bandicoots are so cute, in portraits and sprites, specially in the animations (I could watch that idle animation forever!).

The sound design was also on point with multiple different tracks transitioning at the right times, and of course a good use of total silence; The mechanics are so well implemented and make for a quick and intense game experience trying to juggle all the responsibilities while experiencing the lore.

It's not every day that I see a game this well balanced, no surprise it won a place on the top of the jam. I also award this game the "Hikiyami Moriko Award for best non AAA game with Bandicoots"

Keep up the good work!

Finally got time to try it (sorry for taking so long!) this was a very pleasant surprise, specially for a first game, the story is actually interesting unlike some YumeNikki-like games I played before; the character and monster design although minimalist is pretty charming and fitting, I loved the snow angels and Haxel.

The puzzles are challenging but they provide enough clues and are fun to figure out; the animated cutscenes and all the background effects are really enjoyable and bring the dream-like landscape to life.

That being said, I did found multiple bugs that made me restart the game a couple of times, some typos (nothing too bad) and the ending...




I did read the walk-trough for the snow god and the fact that I had to delete a file did not sit well with me, in the video I treated it like a bug and decided not to add a clarification because that's what it feels like and that's how most people will experience it. Leaving what was an interesting journey with a pretty sour ending.

I understand this meta things can be a good feature gimmick, although I have to say this feels not properly implemented; as a developer I commend you for doing something so original but as a player it just feels bad just like a bug, I did play the rest of the game (I already stopped recording), but imagine someone deleting the game folder and later finding out and having to replay it all...

My suggestions would be to be more specific about this IN GAME "This game may require you to mess with files in your PC" or something like that, and not in a separated text file or just ruining one save-file and not the whole thing. I save regularly in RPGmaker games exactly because of this things, but even that was rendered useless.

Aside from what I feel is a very critical error in game design (What is just my opinion, this is your first game and you are free to include all the mechanics you want to try and experience, I am in no way trying to discourage you), the game is a total success as a first game and regardless of all I would recommend anyone reading to give it a try, definitely worth your time.

Keep up the good work!

I'll make sure to check it out, thank you for the heads up!

Thank you for playing, and for your comment, yeah I am not satisfied at all with the stories either, the second one was the most complex, it had a lot of puzzles and conversations that I had to scrap because otherwise it would have been only 2 stories, this is the one I also plan on making a full game of (maybe) in the future. The last one was just me trying to come up with something to make it 4 stories, it was a total mess.

The 4 brothers are an extra clue for the combination lock along with the phone in case people had trouble, the files are supposed to tie into the full version of the game so they are just like some extra information, I realize is just confusing having a room with information and nothing to do with it.

I rushed the music and CGs in the last 2 hours of development while I was giving candy to kids, it was a really nice (and stressing) Halloween experience; I will definitely take my time for the next project, I hate rushing but it felt nice to finish something for a change.

I need to learn how to properly do tiles...

Nice horror game, is not every day I play something made in Gamemaker so it was a nice surprise, the horror elements are well done and the monster design, the animations and the videotapes at the end are very uncanny and scary good job.

The game could use some better controls and maybe more time to read the instructions at the beginning but that (and a little proofreading) aside it is a very solid horror jam game. My favorite part was definitely the videotape at the end, it was a nice surprise.

Keep up the good work!

The visuals of the game are very astounding and fit very well with the story being told, it has some solid horror elements and the puzzles are balanced and entertaining, definitely a fun experience for this Halloween; It would definitely benefit from a better control scheme and a tutorial screen at the beginning.

Keep up the good work!

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Interesting proposition for a game, the story is interesting and a little scary from what I could understand given that it is very confusing and and that more than 50% of the text in the game is in Chinese I feel the player NEEDS to know because what it is in English is also hard tom understand due to grammar mistakes, since it is a Gamejam game that can be overlooked I guess.

Regardless, everything in the game happens too fast and with little explanation, just a lot of fainting and Chinese text I think that is something that can be improved upon, I liked the character illustration and the overall plot, specially the park area was very enjoyable.

Keep up the good work!

PS: For some reason I am not able to rate the game.

Interesting story, it feels very spooky to be lost trying to find someone and then realizing you are also lost and that something may be coming for you; The game has some typos and grammar mistakes that undermine the experience a little but the music and sound design kinda make up for it.

Keep up the good work!

Really nice short game, it was surprisingly spooky and perfect for this season, the highlight is obviously the amazing art style and graphic composition but the music and story (although a little vague) are also really good and complement each other well.

Through all the short experience there is a feeling of the uncanny looming over until the final reveal happens. Overall a solid JAM game, can't wait to see more like this.

Keep up the good work!

10/10 would trade my name for a chance to play this game.

Okay first, I want to mention the writing level on this game is off the charts, I played A LOT of  Visual Novels and this is definitely top 3. I even feel bad that my illiterate brain could no make it justice while reading, my voice was giving out at the end, I apologize for that.

The story is really fascinating and not only it holds a deep meaning it also draws inspiration from proper fairy tales and I can always appreciate that; The character design goes really well with the narration and writing style. It really feels like reading a classic dark fairy-tale book but enhanced by Illustrations and interactivity.

The music and the User interface are also worth mentioning they fit the game so well and both are gorgeous and unique.

The riddles and puzzles are so fun, they add a lot to the game and are so well implemented that they never take you out of the story.

The replayability is so high since there is a multitude of choices, endings and creatures to encounter and talk to; As far as I can see a lot of choices affect what happens, I can hardly believe this is a gamejam game, outstanding job in every aspect of the game.

Keep up the good work!

What an enjoyable story, I felt like I was playing an episode of Goosebumps or "Are you Afraid of the Dark?" I was expecting more horror since the was was for spooktober gamejam but this kind of frights are fine too, a little bit of fun, a little bit of mystery and a whole lot of character personality.

The music is nice, the character design and portraits as well as the animations elevate the experience a lot, my favorite part were definitely the endings, such a good closing for the story, very satisfying.

Another great aspect that was really REALLY well done was all the choices we make trough the game, even if they don't affect the ending they go a long way on making the player actually relate and feel the story and emotions of the character.

I personally related a lot to Mari(gold) and her views on life so I often clashed with the narrative of the game but that's more of a personal opinion than anything and it did not affect my enjoyment of the game at all.

My only "issue" is that maybe the story stretches a bit too long in some points, although is very nice to see the slow decent to madness of the protagonist and how everything slowly crumbles, regardless of who's fault it is; aside from a really nice spooky story it makes for a great self introspective cautionary tale.

Keep up the good work!

The game takes a little bit to take off but .once it does. you are in for an amazing spooky story with nice character development, cool and scary monsters that are certain to take a fright or two out of you all wrapped up in beautiful art and nice music  and sound design, truly an enjoyable Halloween experience.

The trials are so fun and add so much to the player experience; The ending is open ended so I hope we eventually get too see what is the actual price to pay for the contract and if they ever gonna go back for the actual target.

Gotta hand it to The Collector, actual scary and ominous monster.

Keep up the good work!

Nice short RPG maker experience, is a sad game but also a little bit hopeful and I think that's what makes it special, cleaning the room feels nice and the art style is lovely; my only "issue" was the music that is part of the AIR-anime- OST and kept reminding me of that while playing.

The attention to detail even in the credits page was really nice.

Keep up the good work!

A truly spooky Halloween visual novel for this Halloween season! The whole experience is so uncanny and deeply spooky, but that's not all! There is also a multitude of choices and minigames? sign me in for some carnival fun and RPG battles.

All the gampelay elements were a nice surprise, the story is also quite interesting and the way it is told makes for a great mystery;The music and monster design too are quite notable. Overall a very nice horror experience.

Keep up the good work!

This game is absolutely adorable, I love it, the sense of kids book magic is overwhelmingly good, the characters are so cute, the story is short but sweet and when the game gets spooky well, it gets spooky alright.

Is rare to see Visual Novels developed in Unity, and I think this one looks gorgeous but it should be noted that the text at the end fades before anyone can actually read it, should let the player click to skip, also although the text scrolling effect really gives the game a book vibe that fits perfectly I think it should be better to make it a little faster (or make a menu option for scrolling speed).

Eva is absolutely adorable and terrifying at the same time, actually, all the cast in this small game is so adorable, I love it all, I hope you keep making games like this one because it was such a treat for this Halloween season.

Keep up the good work!

Gotta be honest with his one, it is a very shitty game, the protagonist stinks, the mechanics are flushed down and the plot clearly went down the drain, I would not recommend sitting on this game for prolonged periods of time...definitely need to wipe this game from my memory.


OK I did my best at bad toilet puns, now the real review:

This was a...interesting game, a good change of pace from more serious games. I am not sure I like the protagonists weirdness (kind of reminds me of Bzpkszp) but some of the jokes did landed on me even if this humor is not my cup of toilet. Actually I think that is worth mentioning, the game is still enjoyable even for someone with different tastes.

I definitely get why some people won't like this since it is a very specific kind of humor but I recommend to at least give it a try for the fun gameplay and silly self-aware story. Even some visual jokes are pretty solid so you are bound to have at least some fun. The counter-horror aesthetic is pretty endearing with all the trope jokes everywhere.

Boss fights, excluding the first one are pretty fun, I was surprised with the last few ones since I was expecting joke bosses till the end, but they offered a fun channel, overall for a joke gamejam game this was pretty entertaining with the usual music, character design and fun gameplay I come to expect from you.

It is refreshing enjoying a 40 minute game for a change instead of an 3 hour epic horror story , nothing wrong with any of that, is just that variety is the spice of life.

Keep up the good work!

A cute visual novel, not exactly terrifying, spooky or anything close to it, it's more like a cute suspenseful visual novel that builds up to...well not much yet.

Moxie is super cute and I feel so bad for it at the end, the story about the Teddy Bear was surprisingly emotional and well written; I also love that we have a lot of choices and buttons to push (Even the evil ones!) and of course the sub context of the plot is really solid, I hope you continue this game because it's definitely an interesting concept.

What a lovely Halloween experience this game is, I had so much fun watching this kids get some candies and some spooks, all the characters and the dialogues are so cute and really evoke that Halloween feeling.

It is a little bit rough around the edges but it makes sense given it is a work in progress, my only suggestions would be to give the player a proper menu (I could not find one) and a little bit of a tutorial with controls at the beginning.

Otherwise I think the game is very well done, specially the graphical aspect (excluding the grouping characters animation) I love the background and foreground and general mapping of the whole area, specially inside the house; and the graveyard puzzle is very creative!

Keep up the good work!

This is a nice short linear Visual Novel, touching a very interesting topic in a very peculiar way. Waiting is as bothersome as it is unavoidable

Decided to give the game a go even tough I know nothing about this world, it was such an interesting journey, it took me a moment to process all the LORE and get use to the characters but it was worth it, the art is lovely, the characters are interesting and the world building is exceptional.

The puzzles in the game are really creative and well done, although, I think they could use one or two tweaks and cues to be less confusing to the player (a sparkle there, a sound effect to know you are doing the right thing etc);Also I always recommend not using SHIFT for toggle mechanics since it causes Sticky Keys to activate, and that is also the default key for running in RPGmaker.

Marguerite is such a nice main character, I usually don;t like this type of characters and was hesitant at the beginning but by the end of the demo I got kinda attached to her.

I definitely want to try the rest when it comes out!

Keep up the good work!

This Visual Novel was such a Halloween treat, it looks amazing, with a unique style and lots of animations that bring the world to life, on top of that you have amazing sound design and the meat of all of it, a very creepy yet funny story that is very enjoyable to experience.

I just recorded one ending but I can see the game has a lot of replayability with a lot of different outcomes and that's something I can always appreciate on jam games.

Keep up the good work!

A very surreal and dreamcore Visual Novel full of interesting characters, a wacky world, a surprisingly touching story plus a very fun gameplay mechanic, I won't spoil anything here but it was really fun playing the game over and over again, the endings are also very satisfying.

It's very interesting playing trough the perspective of a little kid during an event of this magnitude and see their attitude towards other people that maybe are just misunderstood. 10/10 would dream here again.

Keep up the good work!

I played for a bit and reached multiple (dead)ends, the game is obviously on a early stage but it is very fun and Gisette  is absolutely lovely, I have a soft spot for crazy woman you see...

Regardless, I love when VNs have plenty of choices as they feel more interactive and this game has no shortage of decisions to make, it was a pleasant surprise and adds a lot of replayability.

I read this is your first game, and for a Gamejam no less, I have to say, you are doign a great job so far, even if short it is very solid on story, graphics, character design and sound design, even on gameplay that is not the forte of Visual Novels.

Keep up the good work!