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Really cool and spooky game, I am not a fan of this type of games but this one is pretty fun to play with all the different enemies and stages.

Got a little confused at the beginning but it is truly an interesting game, just wish it had a little tutorial at the beginning.

Spooky tension is off the charts in this game, good job.

I can't believe this game is made with RPG maker, I kinda was expecting a bunch of disjointed demos but this is a pretty pleasant experience, so well crafted.

The sheer amount of content is also amazing, awesome game/collection.

Very interesting visual novel, I have to say the timers make everything much more stressful but also much more fun because you gotta choose FAST.

What I found really interesting is the sheer amount of things you can or cannot do during your time and also the interesting information we learn in each class (Also F math).

Overall a good game, I recommend it. (Even tho I only got one ending)

Let me just say, this type of game is not my personal cup of tea but played it anyway because giving less known games exposure is what I do. regardless of that I found this game to be very enjoyable, the tutorial and every menu on the game works like a charm, is, on a technical level one of the best visual novels I have seen in a while; The horror parts are actually really well done (I personally enjoyed it more without the lewd parts) I see there is a lot of effort put in this game and I hope the best for your project.

Now my only suggestion would be

-idk if this is English translated or what but it has too much grammatical errors, some parts are really hard to read and understand, special when the text auto scrolls in a few parts.

Hands down one of the best VN's I played on this website, very relatable and grounded "horror" story, no need for cheap jumpscares just PURE tension, the live2D girl is also very well done good job!

Nice horror experience,  just wish I had more time before the pigman gets me. Also maybe is a little too dark I barely notice the stairs.

Quite an interesting project, more interesting because it is made in Ren'py. I like the overall plot of the game and the monsters and what they represent, the combat is also really fun to play.

Obviously my only suggestion would be to give it a more unified graphic style, preferably not using assets from random people without the proper rights; If this is a personal project for fun I guess that's no big deal but if you plan to expand on this I suggest taking special care on that aspect.

Nice and quirky VN, the control mechanic honestly it's quite fun and the characters are quite unique, I hope to see more of both things in action in future updates.

Keep the good work!

Really fun little game, I like the designs for the weapons and stuff and how there are a few similar ones so you get that extra challenge. well aside from when your shop gets too chaotic.

I am glad I can go back and see my cute friend Billi! I played this as soon as I got the notification of the full release, I also took my time (4 videos) enjoying the full story, gotta say I am really pleased and also surprised with how good the complete thing turned out, the new characters are amazing both in design and in lore, once again great job! wish I could give it 5 stars again!

I will definitely treasure this story, characters and game in my heart.

Such a nice horror RPG maker game, is kinda short but I think that plays in favor of the type of story it is (also it was made UNDER 60 hours wow), I really like the twist on the BL abuse trope and the puzzles that are fun but not frustrating to solve.

PS Eugene is BF material.

What a cute game with a cute fox girl and a cute art style, I do like the different choices that we are given and the style in which the game is presented, kinda like reading a kids book even tho I must admit I am not the biggest fan of the MC.

The story is also very interesting and original, but I personally felt it dragged a bit too long in some parts, this is just a personal preference of course, the game is still really good.

Really nice Castlevania-like game, it has a bunch of classic mechanics but also a lot of new stuff like the alchemy for the whip; the story is also really interesting for what I could gather and the pixelart looks really nice in both enemies and background (Tho I am not a big fan of that filter that's over everything).

Such a cute and fun game obviously made with a lot of love towards the precious yubi dog, It has a lot of small details any fan of Korone or hololive will enjoy,  and it has a ton of replayability for infinite amounts of fun, great job!

I will refrain from posting any spoiler for the game, this game is truly amazing, no joke I hope however is reading this plays the game first before or instead of watching the video, this is easily in my top 3 of games I played in itchio so far, maybe even #1.

If you enjoyed classics like Misao, Witches House and Mad father, this is gonna be right your alley; The animations, god, they are beautiful and the story is endearing, a 10/10.

Just played the game, the first thing I want to mention is how amazing it looks, people often don't get impressed by pixel art but the way you use the banner behind the characters as a HUD element and you have knifes and bubbles and clouds moving, it works really well and it's fairly unique.

I feel even the simplest story would work with this game but it really needs one for progression, that and the ability to edit your deck is the only things I feel it's missing but it's understandable given it's a work in progress, playing with multiple characters for example you could run a only blue team could be fun but it's not necessary. And also did you tried putting the card queue thing in the left so it be parallel to the pillar? I think it would look cool idk.

PS Can't wait for the horses.

Gosh I was really bad at this game but it was lots of fun, looks enough like Megaman to make me a little nostalgic but original enough to not look like a cheap copy, the tutorial stage before each fight is a great idea, just like the enemy battle design, not to mention the sound and graphics are on point. 

All in all just a great game.

What a nice game, reminds me a lot of the classic text adventure games but you know, with nice graphics, nothing like being lost in a mysterious dungeon and end it with a plot twist, pretty good job.

Really enjoyed bringing out the good old pen and paper for this one.

This in paper is an amazing game, it looks fantastic, sound amazing and the plot is endearing,but somewhere somehow the execution got wonky, specially the combat.

It really surprised me how well done the game is made, you can dash, climb walls, parry and there is a bunch of different enemies/items/equipment, truly a recipe for success if it wasn't for the combat system that is quite unresponsive for fighting a horde of randomly generated enemies and bosses that stun-lock you with 6 different debuffs.

The game is really promising so I hope you can fix this issues by either making enemies spawn on fixed locations and put a limit on them, making them weaker or making a more precise and responsive combat system, you fix that and this is a 10/10 game.

Hey, I checked your prototype, gotta say there is not much to check out but I do have some suggestions, first of all your characters and animations are amazing, specially for someone new to blender, of course it needs some work here and there but it's a solid character design.

I mention a lot in the video but I can drop a quick list here:

-Add some music and sound effects, even if generic they help a lot with the experience.

-Lock the mouse in the screen, i helps with aiming and general game control

-Maybe don't let the player move the camera in the main menu.

-Jumping is fun.

-Maybe an introduction explaining the story at the beginning of the game

Best of luck in your gamedev journey!

Cute little puzzle game with a nice intro, the game could use a save option or a way to pull the cones, the story is also kinda hard to understand just from the few text we get,

That being said, for a school project it's really well done, I did not notice any bugs or shortcomings.

Fun little combination of Visual novel and zombie top-down shooter, a little rough around the edges but kinda funny anyway, could use some proof-reading and some way to save the game between days.

Really liked the variety of weapons and enemies.

Take this from someone that never played an Ace attorney game before, this game is absolutely amazing, I spend most of my time playing indie games here, and this is easily in my top ten, the characters and the story are so well done, if someone gave me this game in a DS cartridge I would never guess it's an indie.

Your waifu consultant also did an amazing job, all the girls all so pretty, well, all the characters look amazing, everything from deducting the words to investigating the scenes and of course the trials are so much fun to play, even when I got stuck.

My only recommendations are maybe add some sound effects to certain things to make it more "magical" and maybe some work on the menus, but I say this just to add something that's not just praise, honestly I love this game and will patiently wait for the full version!

A really interesting visual novel, a little rough around the edges but definitely very interesting and with some nice plot twists for how short it is. The visual style is also very unique and reminiscent of tabletop RPG's, which I love.

Such a fun game you have created here, everything works perfectly and there is a bunch, and I mean a BUNCH of things to do and unlock, the generated levels are also really well deigned and strike the perfect balance between hard and fun.

Great job!

Still a lot of things to polish on this one, specially locking the mouse in the middle of the screen and putting some sound on it, the battery mimics are really nice though.

A simple concept yes, but really well done, it's solid and everything works as intended, specially the weew wiw woove woov wiw wiw.

Really short and simple game but the introduction scene was really good.

Such a nice VN with a lot of new food I didn't know about, really the best games are the ones you learn new things with, but this one also has some interesting (and sad) stories to go along with a neat visual style, really good job!

Really good game, I suck at bullet hell games so I couldn't finish it but enjoyed it a lot regardless, the music is honestly amazing and the art is cute and pixelated (My favorite) There is also a lot of stuff to explore for such a short game, I love it!
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Should have read the game was under heavy development before trying it, there is nothing to play just yet aside from clicking the start button but the art looks really amazing. Kinda wish the text didn't scroll so fast.

PS: Haley is best girl.

I played the game and got one of what I think are multiple endings, the game is kinda rough around the edges (Understandable for a game made in a couple of days, even amazing), specially in the text and the plot but it's interesting and very fun till the ending, granted I didn't understand much of what was happening but it's intriguing. Can't wait to see what becomes of this game with future updates. Great job.

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I played the game and got one of what I think are multiple endings, the game is kinda rough around the edges (Understandable for a game made in a couple of days, even amazing), specially in the text and the plot but it's interesting and very fun till the ending, granted I didn't understand much of what was happening but it's intriguing. Can't wait to see what becomes of this game with future updates. Great job.

Really a great game so far, the art is not only lovely but there is a bunch of it and it's a really unique and well developed style.

The characters are really likeable even tho we don't get much time with them yet and the variety of choices gives it a lot of replayability, can't wait to see what things you make in the future, great job!

Very interesting short game, started kinda like any generic walking simulator but towards the end it go pretty solid, also enjoyed the multiple endings that reward the player for actually trying stuff, also love the color scheme for the ruins.

Really nice dating/fighting game gotta say that's an unlikely combination but it works just fine, the combat is a little clunky but it's to be expected since you know, free indie game school project but still pretty solid combat that is enjoyable to play.

The dating sim part is really well done, there isn't too much text but not too little either there is a good amount of choices to choose from and the characters are really lively.

For some reason the game started with no sound for some reason (W10  on itchio app) and did my first play trough like that missing the nice music and sound design. Also the text at the beginning kinda scrolls too fast but that's no big deal.

Anyway, great game, keep the good work!

Gave it a go, gotta say, pretty impressive for a first try VN, that's the amazing thing about ren'py it let's people express themselves without much hassle, I can't wait to see what can you do with more time and practice because if you did this in just 2 hours, imagine what awesome stuff can you make in a week or a month.

Anyway, keep the good work!

Cute little puzzle game, not too hard, not too easy, the character and all the graphics are not only well done but also really cute.

Found a few bugs like the music just ends for some reason after a while and sometimes "R"  to retry doesn't work but nothing that prevented me from enjoying this nice little game.

Cute little game, had some fun with the puzzles, and the idea to play the level in reverse is really nice.

I was kinda expecting it to become creepy and jumpscare me out of nowhere but I am glad it didn't happen.