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Hello, I have completed the new version of the game and I would like to ask a question and report a bug

1. This is about bugs, I had such a bug several times that after death in a place with toxins, my ghost is not there, and all points were lost, I have not seen more bugs

And the question is, the content that is shown on screenshots and gifs, is this for higher versions? Since I didn't come across this in version 0.26


The new version has some weird interaction with old savefiles, clicking delete save should hopefully fix that.

Demo is just the tutorial section + boss, some of the screenshots show stuff that are further in game.

Thanks for playing!

Unfortunately, the bug arose on a new save, I replayed it not for the first time, and the bug was still there, I'm not sure if everyone has it, maybe it's just me

I think you have to delete the save and then close the game and boot it up again for it to be fixed.

Sorry for that!