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I would like to know if there will be a Russian version of the game?

Since a volunteer was involved in the translation, and suddenly he left the "team" if you can call it that

He is talking about the game on Itch io, downloaded from this site from this author

Not bad, but I would recommend doing the sex scenes in a higher resolution, like in Tailbound. (I'm not trying to humiliate or insult you, I'm giving advice as a person who makes the game himself, and someone who has played a large number of games)

Good luck

I decided to try downloading the game, and for safety, I usually run it through virustotal, and it showed me that there is AdWare.DealPly.ncmb.

What does it mean?
Or rather, why put a virus in the game?

Is this game already finished? Too small for release, but still cool

Then I'll wait, I liked this non-linearity, when you can miss something and just not know about it, it's not so bad. Other games will force you to get this or that item, which kills the second playthrough a bit, but here you can learn something new for the second time, albeit in small things

this is pretty cool, thanks for the tip and good luck

The game is certainly not very raw, but it's not bad enough. I hope level 1 will be done, and already it will be possible to draw + - conclusions about the game. good luck with development

This one, I tried a lot of things, but I could not get this armor

How to unlock the "dungeon master" armor set?

I went through the game to the end, but I still can’t open this armor set, I’ve already tried everything, and looked in spolers, and still didn’t understand


And if the game is really only 50% -40% ready, this is of course still a very long time. But I hope the author has the strength to finish it, as this is a rather interesting product, albeit for a very narrow circle of people

I want to say thank you to those who develop this game, this game allowed me to forget about pressing problems, which had a positive effect on my artwork.

If it's not a secret, how close is the game to the end? Now the duration of the game is about 5 hours, how long will it be by the end?

And just a question, I may be stupid, but how to activate those black underwear that I get for rescuing a ranger?
it tells me that they are not activated, how to activate them?

Unfortunately, the bug arose on a new save, I replayed it not for the first time, and the bug was still there, I'm not sure if everyone has it, maybe it's just me

Hello, I have completed the new version of the game and I would like to ask a question and report a bug

1. This is about bugs, I had such a bug several times that after death in a place with toxins, my ghost is not there, and all points were lost, I have not seen more bugs

And the question is, the content that is shown on screenshots and gifs, is this for higher versions? Since I didn't come across this in version 0.26

Well, it turns out that you need more, I'm not asking, I may be able to upgrade the PC, but if you manage to optimize the game, I'll be only glad

My computer is not very gaming, it is about 9 years old, but I did not think that this would not be enough.
What are your problems with the game?

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I decided to play the game, and by choosing a character and a level, everything was fine, but when the name and stage of the level appeared, the game hung, there was nothing except music, and if you wait, it flew out. So with all versions
About the versions I meant 32 and 64 bits

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I would like to know if there will be a new free  build? 

I understand it's too early for a new free build, but I'd like to know if it will be available at all, because due to some circumstances I won't be able to buy it

Hi, will the game be translated into Russian or other languages?