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Hi, I'm your secret santa.

What I like:
-The puzzles are like those of golden sun and I love golden sun. I loved them!
-The characters were funny, (the skeletons dancing xD)
- The maps were well made.
-The menu, I like how you personalized it a little.
-The images of the characters

What I didn't like:
- There was no music on the title screen.
-It was very short, I wanted more. I finished it very fast.
- The puzzles are like those of golden sun (Yes, it's a good and a bad thing xD) 

What you can improve
Maybe some interaction with the vases, or have custom art for the scenarios, but that is done afterwards. The game seemed very good to me. I didn't get bored that is the most important thing.

I recommend?
YES!  5 stars !

Heyo~ *gives out cookies* Thank you very much for playing my game!

LOL both a good and a bad thing, I can get behind that. I love golden sun too! So I can say that they are certainly one of my inspirations when I created this. They have one of the nicest map integrated active skill puzzles I have experienced imo. It made the characters feel connected to the puzzle, and that's what I'm aiming for instead of random dungeons that can be solved without our protagonists' skills. But yeah, will need to be worked on more to make it fresher!

 Not sure about the vases since there will be much more in the extended version as decoration, but I can certainly see making custom art for the main events, it would add more flair to the story. Thanks for the suggestion!

I'm happy to read that its something you'd recommend~ Glad you enjoyed it! ^.^