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Hmm I guess the hardest endings are

DE 2 -> take scissors, interact with the packet twice

DE 3 -> interact with the closet in your room, then interact with with the shelf in the upper right corner (in the office)

DE umbrella (I forgot the number lol) -> take the sharpener from your desk, interact with the umbrella

The other endings are pretty obvious I think... I you need a specific ending lemme know ^^

The harder for me, don't know why, was DE 5. The smashing head with a door one. These of the umbrella is DE 6.

Oh maybe because it was at the wall? At least that's what I'd imagine xD

And thx for the info!! I wasn't too sure on that :D

I reached the ending, thank you so much!! I was missing the package and scissor ones, the choking one, and the deodorant one :D