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I'm glad you think so - thank you for playing!!

Very interesting to hear, so thank you for sharing your opinion. (And thank you for being so kind about it as well!) 

I can def see where you're coming from, so I'll keep your comment in mind^^

Thank you!!

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind! Tho I do wanna keep Atia's ears covered as well, which is why she has this headscarf.

Literally the best comment I've ever gotten wow ♡♡

Thanks sm for playing (and going insane over it)!!

I'm glad to hear that you liked the overall game! 

Though I'm curious, what do you mean by "more conventional"?


Well, I do have an idea for a game about them going on a date, but I'm still thinking of the Plot... 

Also can't rly decide on their outfits, but this is what I have for now lol

You can download the Walkthrough+Artbook PDF on this site^^ 

This game is a bit older tho, so I have new artworks on my social media haha

Oh nah, the prequel is like 500 years before they even meet x'D So this isn't the child!

The person asking for advice is related to the protag in You&Me, tho (Great-Great-Great-etc-Aunt)

Thank you for playing all of my ga(y)mes, haha! I love making fun, short games <33 I hope you'll enjoy the next game UvU

They get married and have a kid ofc <333

Ahh, thank you!!! I'm so happy you enjoyed it!!!

POV: You're the protag of this game

OKAY SO!! Funnily enough, I do have two sequel ideas... I just need to actually get around and.... make them......... (The sequels might even be an hour long... idk yet x3)

I'm also veeery happy to hear that you enjoyed this game as well!! : D Also feel free to share that Yuri-manga it reminded you off (I love reading Yuri)

I'm so sorry for making this so short lol

Please take this pic of them smooching as an apology <3

Ohhh, what a cutie!!

I'm glad you like the game! I didn't really think about saving the character tbh since I always figured that you could just screenshot it x'D But I might look into it if I ever expand on this - so thx for the suggestion!!

I'm glad that you enjoyed that game! Interestin question tbh, but I think that Vita just... didn't think so far ahead, haha.

I do want these two to appear in another game (I have grown very fond of them!!), but I'm not too sure when that'll happen^^

Ofc I had to make the first ending the best ending UvU

Hehe, I love it when people tell me that x'D

THANK YOUUUUU!!!! The VAs did a wonderful job!! <33

Abbie, thank you smmm?!?! What a sweet review hehe

I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the charas and story... Me and my friend put a lot of love into them <33

I can totally see why you'd think this is set in the same world as Heartburn (casual, fluffy fantasy world), but it's actually not x'D I just loooove writing similiar things lmao

(Tho agreed, i also think that other ppl should go play heartburn. and totally not only because i made that game lol)

Ohh, thank you for playing!! It's so nice to hear that you enjoyed this game!! Thank you for playing hehe <3

Thank you sm, Charlieee!!!! I'm really happy you enjoyed this short story!!! Ofc I had to include Mickey (I love her sm) UvU

Also yeah, I thankfully had my friend co-write the script with me, so all I had to do after that was to channel my inner 15-year old and go ham lol (I looove finishing games in under a week, yippie)

That's so sweet to hear, thank youu!! x33

If only they knew UvU

Thank youu!! Sadly not, but you can play this game on your phone if you play it on the web! : D

Ahh, thank you sm!! I feel so honored to hear that you enjoyed this game >v<

I'm also not very used to write slice-of-life stuff, but I was able to pull this off thanks to my co-writer hehe x3

Also also, this only happened because of you lmao:

What a lovely review - I'm glad you enjoyed this short story! ☺️✨️

The MC is the woman on the title screen, but I might just draw these two for the anniversary of this game^^

What an incredibly sweet comment... I'm so happy that this game (and Good Idea) resonate sm with you <33 Thank you a lot for playing them UvU

Also if you don't mind, I'd love seeing your Olivia(s)!

I'm glad to hear that your overall impression of the game seems to be positive! I wouldn't really call this game a romance game though, even if the plot is centered on the relationship of these two charas ^^"

I have made more wholesome yuri in the past (like this short game or this longer game) if you prefer that :)

Hahaha my bad for making you cry x'D

Thank you for playing it <33 I'm glad it resonated with you!

"And they were coworkers!" made me giggle - wonderful conclusion haha

Also I'll have to agree, imo that and the Umbrella death were the most horrible deaths^^

I'm glad to hear that! Thanks for playing!!

Oh, being compared to Slay the Princess is such a compliment since I also enjoyed that game a ton <3 Thank you for playing - I hope you'll enjoy the sequel as well!

I am happy to hear that you liked the game and artwork! >v< Hopefully, your friends will also like it^^


Thank you! I did struggle a bit with putting all this story into the game, so I'm happy you liked it^^

best plot twist ever ikik

Thank you - I am happy that you enjoyed it x'D

Making this in RPG Maker was actually really fun, cuz messing around with plugins and with how I want stuff to look was just. so interestin!!
Also, what a cute girlie x3