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Same!!!! >:3c

Aw, thank you!! °v°
I hope you'll enjoy my next game :3

That's so sweet, thanks!! I'm super happy u had fun playing this!! :3c

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D
Here are links to the music:

Track 17 - Leaves


ok I updated the game ^w^

That's??? so smart???? My mind is literally blown away omg 

I def gotta remember that secret omg!!! It sounds super useful!

Ohh thank you!! I'm glad you liked this game :3c

awww that's so sweet!!! I'm super glad u think so QvQ

Ohh I'm super glad to hear that!!! :DD If you ever find them again, fell free to show me :3

Yess :o

Don't worry, I meant it as a joke, too <3

U know I can read the comments, too!!!!! :<

Yeah that's me!! :3 And thank you, I'm glad you liked both games hehe <333

Hahaha thank you!! And yeah, she is. 

Well, tbh I think Ellen didn't feel as disturbed by Olivia's first death because she didn't really see her as an equal... To her, Olivia was more of a prop at that time since she never really acted any differently (And Ellen did think that it was a time loop lol)

Omg, this is sooooo cool???? I love everything about it!! And the outfits are sooo cute!! I doodled my favs :3

Anyways, visually this dress-up is super appealing: The interface and the outfits are super charming to look at (+ Laurel and Silvia are so pretty Ocs!!) Also it's so cool how you coded the interface/title screen?? (At least I think you coded it with java script... I have no idea haha)

The different music themes are great, too!! Laurel's theme sound a bit wilder while Silvia's theme is a bit sweeter :3 (I hope this makes sense haha)

Like I said great game, 10/10, waiting for the sequel where I can dress up Calla too  👍

(Also thank you for mentioning me... That's so sweet QvQ)


I've tried the game on web and there don't seem to be any problems for me? 

Here's a video of what should happen.

I'm very sorry to say, but I have no idea how to help you... There are some Let's Plays of the game on YT,  if you're still interested in knowing the ending TvT

Thank you!! I love games that look cute-sy at first but have a darker story... So I made this game hahaha

I'm glad u like the chara designs tho :3

Thank you, that's so sweet <3

I'm glad you liked it :') Thank u for playing!!

Oh Lumi, thank you!! ૮ ₍ ⸝⸝´ ꒳ `⸝⸝ ₎ა I also love games like this (which is why I made this hahaha)

I had to play around in RPG Maker until I found out it was possible hahaha But I'm super happy it worked :3

I'm also working on some more options, but that's on the backburner rn^^

Aw thank you! I also used to play a ton of games like this when I was younger haha

Do you mean the walls left and right or up and down?

If it's the walls left and right: Just go up! 

If it's the walls up and down: On what system do you play? (Web, Windows, Mac, Linux)

Are you sure you're stuck? The hallway is very long, so maybe you haven't walked far enough?

Weil es süß ist.

Aww thank you!! That's kinda what I was going for :3

Ohh this LP was super fun to watch :DD I think you're the first LPer, who knew that this was a GL-game, too?? x'D

Anyways thanks a ton for playing - I loved seeing your reactions + your lil avatar is super cute :3

Thank youuu!!! I'm glad you liked it <333

Aww thank you, that's so nice!!! (^v^)/

Also hair accessories sound good... I'll think about it :3c

I'm always happy to hear when ppl like the washitape-asthetic hehe

Also thanks UvU I'm very happy to hear that... I hope you'll like the sequel (if it ever comes out lmao)

Thank you!!!! :33 I'm glad u like it!

I def didn't expect an LP for this game hahahaha Tho ur girl is so cute, I like it^^

And thanks!! I just needed to make this idea work, and I'm glad I was able to x'D

Ohh cute!! Maybe I'll include even shorter back hair ^^

Thanksss!!! If there's a will, there's a way (or however the saying goes lmao) Tho I'm also surprised it actually worked!!!

Aww thank you for your sweet words U///U

Hi Anwynn,

thank youu :DD I'm glad you liked it <33

Thanks!!! :3

Aww thank you so much for your kind words :D Even if the two had their difficulties, they'll get along better now x'D 

And I wanna focus on other experiments in my next games... Tho no idea when I'll have the time for that TvT

Thank youu :DD I'm glad you liked it :3

Ohhh thank you for playing!!! <333 I'm glad you liked it!! Your voice sounds so cute!! :3 

I love seeing live-translations, because that's how I started getting into RPG Maker QvQ