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i just read your idea on how to do this in Patreon. 

Please please please  make them compatible. I am importing the dungeon json into a game and I can envisage a version of this where players could move between dungeon and cave.  

I'd like to be able to generate maps combining the two styles (something like this) but it's too early to say how hard would it be. For one thing, the cave generator is going to utilize a hex grid (vs. a square grid of 1PDG)...


If there’s anything I could do to convince you not to go hex I’d do it. 

Dungeons & Caves make sense to work together and this sounds like you’d be intentionally making them not compatible  from the start 🤔

Unless of course the JSON was indifferent and I could use the JSON from hex caves tool to draw the same caves using tiles as I do with the dungeons. 

Bro, those caves look sick! My fingers and toes are crossed. Either way love your work. I’m still your number 1 kiwi fan 😎