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I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

I'd love your feedback on what you felt was confusing about the instructions so I can improve them.

I think it's just one of those games that easier to understand once you play it.   To me the directions sounded like when you hit a button.. the tiles would move down and over at the same time etc.  Maybe change the word And to Or?  

It could just be me tho.  I've become pretty stupid ever since my kid was born 😅. 

Regardless your game is kick ass. 100% crack addiction.  Srsly it's freaking awesome.  I don't know if I stink at it.  Do we know what the highest score is out in the wild?  

Great point - "or" does make more sense. I've updated it - thanks for the feedback.

The highest score I'm aware of is 109,541 with a x185 streak, which absolutely destroys my own personal best of 16,519 with a x81 streak.

I know some other developers are maintaining websites with weekly high scores and using google forms for submission since side-loaded games can't do it on the device (yet). I'll give that some thought.

Omg I suck.  I thought I was a God at 10k 🤣