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Omg I suck.  I thought I was a God at 10k 馃ぃ

I think it's just one of those games that easier to understand once you play it.   To me the directions sounded like when you hit a button.. the tiles would move down and over at the same time etc.  Maybe change the word And to Or?  

It could just be me tho.  I've become pretty stupid ever since my kid was born 馃槄. 

Regardless your game is kick ass. 100% crack addiction.  Srsly it's freaking awesome.  I don't know if I stink at it.  Do we know what the highest score is out in the wild?  

EASILY my favorite game on playdate so far.  The directions are confusing but don't worry.  Once you start playing it will all make sense.  It reminds me a bit of the game Threes!  

It definitely needs online leader boards and I hate the shake.  I'd rather a crank for that.  Otherwise holy smokes this game is wonderful 馃槏


excited to play!  Do you have to sideload the music zip as well or is that just for enjoyment outside the game? 

This game is pretty damn good.  definitely gotta rock the fast version! Maybe add in some song?  You need to clone more of these classics..super Pac-Man. Jungle king..tempest..donkey Kong etc 馃槏

loving this game. Super fast and hard 鉂わ笍

Anyway you can make the dpad fire when using the crank? 

Also how about making your Phoenix clone on Playdate.  I grew up with that game 馃槉