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Look, i apologize that you've been getting complaints, but I'm trying to be as polite as possible, I'm not asking him to be removed, or saying he looks bad, I'm just asking for a simple image toggle as human characters aren't my thing. Please stop taking this as some great personal attack, i was only asking for an option due to personal taste/preference.

If it's really so difficult to turn an image off, and if it truly makes the game somehow impossible to play, then so be it, i wish you all well, and i hope you find success with this game, but human characters are such a turnoff to me in furry games that I'm afraid i probably won't play it from here on out. Once again, i mean no ill will, and wish you all the best, and from what i played last year, i must complement, I've never played a VN that i liked before i played this game.

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Don't apologize, i understand your wishes, that's okay. I just like his sprite, character and all. You should check out FAQ about many questions. As for human characters, you probably didn't know, but humans have always existed and will continue to exist with furries in Dyne's game. Besides Eric (MC), there is also Hal, owner of the cafe and one of the secondary characters in Spencer's route. He has his own sprite and he is a human too. There is also Dianna, Coach's ex-wife. She is also a human and she will have her own sprite in the game too. So... you'll have to see humans in the game anyway. I'm sorry you're disappointed about the innovations, but the game is still cool and incredibly interesting. Personally, i like even more than before with all of these changes)

For the record, coach is probably the character i liked most, due to him reminding me of a friend, and playing his route felt like what would have happened if i hadn't made so many mistakes with that friend. it actually kinda brought me to tears.

Coach is a very special one for many people hehe ^^ While i really like him too, my favourites are Spencer (he's awesome and i love childhood friend romance trope)) and Darius (he has the most complex and interesting route in my opinion. And he's a total romantic deep down)

anyways, regardless, I'll probably come back to this game sooner or later and get over it with time and whatnot, but I'll admit, I'm jealous you guys can enjoy human characters when i can't do quite the same.....and i don't honestly know why it's such a hangup for me. 

Well, maybe you are disappointed in humans in real life for some reason. And now you like and accept furries more. This is just my assumption, I don't draw any conclusions. But I've noticed that furry fans often dislike humans for some reason. Maybe this is a kind of fetish, i don't know) Nevertheless, thank you very much for your understanding dude. I'm sure Dyne will appreciate it. ^^

Reading this thread makes me feel all warm inside :3