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Check the FAQ.

Yes, Eric is the cannon name of the MC ^^ If you don't name him in the beginning of the game, it defaults to that.

Well, maybe you are disappointed in humans in real life for some reason. And now you like and accept furries more. This is just my assumption, I don't draw any conclusions. But I've noticed that furry fans often dislike humans for some reason. Maybe this is a kind of fetish, i don't know) Nevertheless, thank you very much for your understanding dude. I'm sure Dyne will appreciate it. ^^

Coach is a very special one for many people hehe ^^ While i really like him too, my favourites are Spencer (he's awesome and i love childhood friend romance trope)) and Darius (he has the most complex and interesting route in my opinion. And he's a total romantic deep down)

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Don't apologize, i understand your wishes, that's okay. I just like his sprite, character and all. You should check out FAQ about many questions. As for human characters, you probably didn't know, but humans have always existed and will continue to exist with furries in Dyne's game. Besides Eric (MC), there is also Hal, owner of the cafe and one of the secondary characters in Spencer's route. He has his own sprite and he is a human too. There is also Dianna, Coach's ex-wife. She is also a human and she will have her own sprite in the game too. So... you'll have to see humans in the game anyway. I'm sorry you're disappointed about the innovations, but the game is still cool and incredibly interesting. Personally, i like even more than before with all of these changes)

Thank you, Dyne. These complaints about our lovely MC are becoming increasingly annoying:( 

Yes, maybe. Check this out for further information.

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Personally, i really like having him with others, i love his sprite. But there will be character customization and option of hide him in the future! This was said a hundred times already by Dyne. For now, i advise you to enjoy Eric's (MC's) sprite, give it a chance.  

I don't think that Eric (aka MC) embodies only the personality of the player (aka an ordinary guy) that much, he has his own personality starting out with quirks, fears etc. As my friend and fan of this novel said: "the MC is an individual character that you can mildly project on to but is still is their own person." And i agree with him)

As for the DLC, I'd like to see it with Spencer and Darius too:) Spencer is my favourite character, I would like to learn more about their (Spencer and Eric) future family life together. And yeah...Especially, i want to see such a dlc after the completion of the Darius route because his route is the most unique and compelling in my opinion and it's so interesting to see dynamics between him and mc:)

Yes! This is his canon name:)

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Yeah, i agree, Foxsky. He looks so lovely in his pirate clothes.

And he always wants to grab Eric's (MC's canon name) buttocks...nya nya))

You're right, Dyne. But i think the MC is not capable string Harold along. He seems like a person you can trust and very good guy in general)

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There will be character customization and option of hide him in the future! This was said a hundred times already by Dyne. For now, i advise you to enjoy the mc's sprite, give it a chance.

It's Bara game, not yaoi:)

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He's not bland! Dyne (and many others) really like his design and wants him to be seen in the game too! And you'll get character customization in the future. Read Dyne's patreon about it, please. There is no reason to worry)

I see. Personally, i like all new changes (new art style, the mc sprite etc.) I'm trying to give a chance to new things. And i'm sure there will be a lot of interesting and cool things in the future. We don't get to be upset. Have a nice day.

No, i love the MC sprite. He looks very cool and sweet. Remember, you'll have a second option to customise or even hide him. Read Dyne's posts about it on Patreon (they are publicly available for all). Personally, i really want to see him on screen and i don't want to insert myself, it's not my cup of tea. Dyne took care of everyone's desires and it's great.

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Is it me or the default colors of the main character in the game are slightly different from his default colors on the original picture? (a lighter skin colour with darker hair, to be precise).

There isn't an image of the MC in the Public version yet. But it will appear in the future.

The MC has been confirmed to be a human canonically and he got his sprite like everyone else . But you will have the opportunity to choose him as a black panther thanks to customization in the future, i think.

Yeah, i agree with hyou. Other routes are very good too. You should check them:3

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Yes, it's true. But that'll change in time, Hyou (his current state with appearance, name etc.). 

You are absolutely right, Hyou. And it's not opinion on the matter, it's a fact. Thank you.

What? No!! The MC is individual with his personality and quirks. And he deserves his canon appearance and name! I really want to see him!! Sorry Sadrang, but I totally disagree with you.

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"you said it wasn't proven" Really? I think i forgot about it xD

Ok.) And a lot of people wanted "furry MC" too (from that poll etc.). We'll see what happens later)

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"Now a days the creator of the game has the MC be whatever you the player what them to be. So most just self-insert their own fursona instead."

I know about that. You have told me about this already... And I'm pretty sure it's temporary, you know. He will come up with a canonical appearance and a name for MC. And the majority of fans are hoping that this will be "furry type".

"a character's route mentions an ex and they were in fact a human." I didn't understand this sentence. A character's route? An ex and they were? What? And it's not confirmed about MC being a human yet.


Yep. But Dyne will make a canonical appearance for the MC later))

Yes, that's a very good idea=)

Yes. But it is quite obvious that Azaghal will win<3

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Margarita. I agree with you) I can't get enough of this game too) But you'd better call the protagonist of this novella like "MC" instead of "player character".   I think it sounds better. ^^

Hyou, hello once again)  Dyne approved my idea, he answered my message ))) I'm so happy.  He said that he will use it (choice at the beginning of the game) in the future. Although he did not say anything about a black panther-mc, he did not say anything against too.) Most likely in the future we will see the canon appearance and the name of the main character ^^

I completely agree with you too, Margarita ^_^ MC and Spencer are so cute and adorable couplе:3 I have no doubt about the fact that in the near future they will get married, they are meant for each other)))
They will be happy together, It's absolutely 200% of confidence and love heheh)

You're welcome, Dyne. I'm very happy that I was able to offer a good idea ^_^ I look forward to see the canonical appearance and the name of the MC and this character picker type thing)))
I really loved your project)))  The Extracurricular Activities is the second gay novel that I liked so much (after Morenatsu). Thank you)

Sorry dude. I just want to express my thoughts correctly ^^" I think I'm nervous.

Thank you very much for your support<3 I hope Dyne will appreciate our comments.

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I know that he gets a lot of suggestions. This is pretty understandable... Hmh...Tanuki is not a bad idea. Though i imagined the protagonist with a more standard, refined figure, but with noticeable muscles on arms and legs (thanks to the game of tennis). I felt so after passage of the game. But I can understand your choice.  Tanuki are pretty adorable animals.  But I prefer the choice of a black panther (adorable black panther with big yellow eyes and long tail).  It could be a good idea to flirt with a long tail:D Or someone else from the feline family.  (also it will have a double meaning in that the MC is considering Maria as his mother). But Tanuki are not bad too) Heheh)

I know but...I very much hope that Dyne will read my big message from above and think over my words. I don't hurry him. I'm not asking for it right now. He has as much time as he needs. It's his game after all)) Heh...i will be waiting. 

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Dear Dyne! Thank you so much for this game. You are a real magician, i love you so much! Thanks to your excellent writing skills, I experienced a real sense of pleasure from the passing of the game! And thank you very much for Spencer. He's just incredible and lovable man. I believe that he is the canonical love interest of the protagonist. They are childhood friends, they have so much in common! I think that they are meant for each other, the MC and Spencer!)
Can I suggest an idea? Could you at the beginning of the game make to player the right to choose? The first choice is that will be used the canonical name and appearance of the protagonist (it's all by default).  Some users on this site suggested that the main character is a black panther. I want to support them with this idea. It seems to me that a very nice and funny "guy-a black panther" will be an interesting choice!) You just need to correct a few words of the main character in the park. (about the fact that he does not have a tail). And it would also be nice to replace "hands" with "paws" too). If you do not like this choice of animal, then we can choose another one together.
The second choice is that will be used a fursona of players (as was originally planned). With their name, appearance etc.
I'm sorry that I'm not writing this message on the patreon. I don't have enough money to register there now:(
I really hope that you will read my message here and think over it. I really want to see the appearance and the name of the MC (from your point of view). It would be much easier for me to ship him with Spencer. Pleeeeeease.  I really liked the MC too. I want to see this adorkable man)) I will be waiting for your answer.

Thanks again for this great game!

With Love, your devoted fan from Russia now ^_^

But why?:( I don't want insert my fursona. I wanted to see the canonical appearance and the name of the MC T_T